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Suicide Taktix: Many players, particularly footsloggers, like to ram their trukks full speed into the face of the enemy units. This tactic normally gets a big reaction from the enemy and those poor trukk boyz will attract record numbers of enemy fire. Trukks with red paint job and turbo boostas can move 26" 31", and this method often takes advantage of those bonus inches. This approach combined with careful positioning of your trucks can get the mobs that have bailed out into combat with minor casualties.

Once in combat, your opponent's firing lines and movement should be disturbed by the combat and the footsloggers can gain precious ground, despite the fact that the trukk boyz may ultimately perish. One player responded with a little more graceful approach to this tactic: Starting with the deployment, try to place the trukks spread out in the deployment zone to disguise the location of the trukk rush. Once the game is started the trukks will move to get into position and then attack one of the less defended or more desirable areas with all of the trukks.


Vlad the Rotten



Getting those trukks to their desired destination is often a great feat for us Ork commanders, but many players use escorts to help close the gap while minimizing damage to the trukks. Buggies are a very cheap escorting unit which will effectively block line of sight to the trukk boyz units.

Making your opponent shoot through a layer of buggies can buy you the time you need to get your boyz' trukk into position. The added bonus is that they are also fast vehicles which can keep up with their larger, Ork carrying brethren. They can also serve as a fire support for the trukk boyz if any survive the initial trip across the board. Warbikes can perform a similar function to buggies with their "hard to hit" rule giving trukks behind them a hull down bonus. As another plus warbikes can join the trukk boyz' charge should they survive.


True to Ork hierarchal structure, armies that use bigger vehicles may need to call on the trukk to intercept an incoming rocket or lasercannon shot by simply driving into the path of the weapon. Battlewagons stuffed full of skarboyz, or a trukk with cyborks or mega armored occupants will take priority over normal trukk boyz, so blocking the enemy's line of sight to the more expensive units is a possible role for trukk boyz.

If you find yourself carrying a mek with a kustom force field in one of your trukks, you can further exploit the benefits of this piece of wargear by keeping your trukks close enough to one another to get three trukks inside the radius of the force field. This may be risky if there is enemy ordinance, but keep in mind that the Trial Vehicle Rules reduce the effects of blasts on vehicles. .



Diversionary Taktix

The ability to put a few units almost anywhere you'd like on the board in the first turn can have a big psychological effect on your opponent. By sending trukk boyz to assault in places where your enemy didn't expect to have a unit of Orks can cause him to either overreact or under-react. If your opponent freaks out about your trukk boyz, he may over compensate and send many troops to support those fighting your trukk boyz, which could deter his preexisting plans. If he chooses to ignore the besieged unit, then the Orks may find slim resistance and pick off a unit or two before piling back into their trukk. Then they can move on to find another fight or, if they're stranded, run off into cover and capture an objective or claim/contest a table quarter.

Besides being a diversion, trukk boyz can also benefit from them as well: Your larger vehicles like a battlewagon or a looted Leman Russ may end up drawing more fire than your trukks, so take advantage and drive them to where they need to be. Footsloggers often take advantage of the reputation trukk boyz have and use suicide tactics with them to draw attention and fire away from the majority of the army, while the footsloggers slowly move across the table at the cost of their trukk boyz.

Another interesting way to get the attention of your enemy is equipping your trukk with the reinforced ram/big wrecker type upgrades, and drive the empty trukk headlong into enemy vehicles. This forces your opponent to deal with a vehicle in addition to the trukk boyz or to deal with a trukk when he thought he had pacified the threat by killing the occupants.

Close Unit Support

This tactic normally delays the rush of the trukk boyz for a few turns until your walking mobs are about to hit the enemy lines.If you plan on walking to the enemy, the opposing player may want to wait for you to close in and rapid fire most of your army with the majority of his small arms fire. This will normally devastate the Orks, but with the quick support of the trukk boyz, ridiculously heavy casualties can be avoided: Once your walking mobs reach the 12" range to the enemy, your trukks swoop in from their rearward positions and initiate combat. Once two or three trukk boyz units are in combat, the number of rapid fire shots should be drastically lowered and the following turn the rest of the army can assault and join the trukk boyz.







Taking Objectives

Units of trukk boyz and the trukk itself are very useful for snagging objectives or table quarters: If you are playing footsloggers an empty trukk is perfect for capturing your original table quarter when the majority of your army is too slow to run back and secure it. Alternatively you can speed into a different quarter to take or at least contest it. With your movement of 24" (plus red paint job and/or turbo boosta if you take it) you should be able to reach almost any place on the table in one turn, maximum two.


Now, fill up your tanks,

and give 'em a taste uv boot levva!


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