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General Rules The most important thing to remember about trukk boyz is that the trukk gives you an effective charge range of 21" (12" movement + 1" for red paint + 2" disembarking + 6" charge). As long as you are not using the Trial Vehicle Rules there are another possible 3" if you are using a turbo boosta.

Any player that chooses to deploy his troops within 18" of your units, where the missions allow it, may be surprised to find himself easily overwhelmed with trukk boyz in the first turn due to their extended assault range. Always try to get multiple units of trukk boyz to attack one enemy unit for maximum chances of a wipe out. Otherwise you might soon find yourself overwhelmed and your precious trukk boyz are lost.


Vlad the Rotten


But what to do if your trukk boyz run out of steam during combat and fall back, no matter how hard you tried?

If you are playing KOS they can hop back into the trukk and regroup automatically. Next turn they are back and ready for action.

If you are playing Codex Orks your footslogging units should now be getting close to the action. Try to position your other units so that the trukk boyz can attempt to mob up with the approaching mobs during their fall back move.

If you're playing a mission that requires your trukk boyz to deploy in reserves, it could be helpful to wait for all your trukks to become available before you rush into combat, as individual trukks can be easy for your opponent to destroy far outside the boyz' assault range.



Before we can rush our trukks anywhere, we've got to deploy them first. Because they are fast attack choices, trukk boyz will be placed last in most scenarios. So obviously if there is a pesky devastator squad or something else with high strength weapons, try to minimize direct line of sight or just deploy completely out of the range.

Many players seem to deploy their fast attack units along the flanks, which has many advantages: You can force the angles of fire to come from a more general direction if you're on an extreme right or left side of the battlefield. This makes it easier to obstruct the line of sight with fewer pieces of terrain. Another plus of attacking on the flank of an enemy is that it makes it harder for the opponent to support his units that are under attack.

If you've lined up the flank you plan to attack by deploying your trukks on the same side of the table, you'll be taking the shortest route to those enemies, and every inch is going to count. If all goes well, you will have finished of his flank before he can bring in reinforcements.





Many of the contributors made comments about placement of trukks once the first movement phase started. A lot of those comments acknowledged line of sight from both the Ork's point of view, as well as the opponent's: Never forget about line of sight!

A lot of posters recommended turning the Trukk 90 at the end of a movement where the boyz stayed in the transport. In the likely event that a trukk is destroyed and the boyz need to bail out, the trukk becomes a makeshift bunker to shield the boyz from any additional fire. From the opponent's point of view the last thing he wants is a large obstacle blocking his line of sight to most of your Orks.

All those bothersome heavy weapon squads don't want a group of boyz stomping on their heads, but by shooting down the vehicles, they may have forced themselves to waste precious turns repositioning to see around your trukk's burned out chassis .


When preparing to assault the enemy from the trukk, you have to be cautious as to where those trukks are going to end their turn. If you need to move more than half your allowed distance to get the trukks close enough to assault from (in other words: even your trukk boyz can't assault in turn one), it may be worth to hang back a little so you don't end your move inside your enemies rapid fire range.

There may be more success in a second shorter movement that can get your boyz into combat without wading through a hail of rapid firing bolters or pulse rifles. When assaulting your trukk is not the only thing you have to position carefully. Once you got your trukks into assault range for your boyz, it's time to do what Orks do best: close combat. But before you start making base to base contact, there is one more decision to make: If you have equipped a boy with a burna or you are playing a kult of speed and have burna boyz mounted in a trukk, you may want to use the flame template to cook off some of those models before the boyz start hacking them up. If you do so, positioning is important, especially with the TAR.



Make sure a choppa wielding boy is closer to the enemy unit than your burna boy(z). That way you can get the choppa boyz into base to base contact before your burna boy(z) so he can let his burna cool off before he using it in the second round of close combat as a power weapon.

This use of burnaz is extremely valuable when you find the enemy is trying to screen some of his units from close combat. With your burna(z) you can still sneak in some attacks by having them fire through the screen and catch the more desirable units with the broad end of the flamer template. If you're playing KOS you may find it helpful to turn your trukk with its side facing the unit you're assaulting to make it easier in the event that you're Boys decided to make a run for it.

Trukk taktix after disembarkement

Remember, being a nuisance with your Trukks still works after they've unloaded their crew, and it's not limited to shooting your rokkit launcha.

Many of the converted trukks I've seen on the forum are considerably larger than the stock GW trukk, so stick those large contraptions in places that your opponent plans on using like bottlenecks and firing lanes.

Also remember your equipment: If you have brought rams, wrecker balls etc., it is now time to go hunting other vehicles with them.



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