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Full Version: My First conversion
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I am relatively new to Warhammer 40k, I have visited it before but I easily lost interest I think because I was a little young for the hobby. My brother "geoff123" helped me with this model although I built a lot of it myself. I am looking for criticism so i can learn how to make my models look better in the future. Also, I am wondering what I could use this model as in a game. Thanks cheers.gif
That is mad, it has so much character.

Only a few small suggestions. I would be to take a few nicks out of the plasticard running along the guns and the stuff at the rear. You have done it with the armour plates on the body, just like that would be great. Also maybe some rivets on it as it looks a little tacked on. Finally the grot sits so high he could do with a roll cage or a perspex windshield. I like the idea of the latter especially because it would help balance those huge weapons.

A grot tank would be the closest rules I think, forgeworld rules though.

Well done. As a first conversion it is very impressive and I would be proud to say i did something like that today, a depressingly high number of years into the hobby.
Thanks i do agree that i needs more balancing out with a wind screen, i was thinking about putting rivets on the side armor plating when i got the time. cheers.gif
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