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Full Version: Outlaw motorcycle club mobs
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I've been playing GoMo a while now, as you all know, and I've been heavily involved in all sorts of dev work. However, this project is intended to only be a small one, a side one just for me, not affiliated with tUGS, although the rest of the team are bound to chip in.

I want to take the Freebooter rules and fork them (fork as in software development). The Freebooters work quite well and tUGS' own Depiff runs a quite successful mob of them, however there are some issues with using them for what I want to do.

I want to create a mob structured like an outlaw motorcycle club but current listings make it a bit difficult. For a start, bikes are expensive, secondly riders can't get off and on at will, thirdly riders can't use shootas, kannons, or similar whilst riding. There's other issue too, but those are the initial problems.

Before you take a look at the changes I'm making, have a read through the Freebooterz PDF as I'm making comparisons to those rules.

Here's the structure I propose:

1 President = Kaptin
12 teef

0 - 1 Vice President = Furst Mate
8 teef

Mek (name pending) = Bad Mek
8 teef
Retain the kustomisin' ability as well as allowing one to look after 4 bikes.

Full-Patch Members = Freebooterz
5 teef

0 - 1 Prospect = Kabin Boy
3 teef

Bike - 8 teef
Trak - 20 teef
Trukk - 25 teef

To offset the reduction in cost of the Meks and the enhanced vehicle coverage I plan the following and would like your feedback and opinions:
  • The mob may only ever own one trukk or trak
  • Kustomisin' and repairs cannot be done in Mektown

To combat the problem of a lack of firepower I'm thinking a unique skill table for the mob including one which allows the warrior to use two-handed gunz whilst on a bike.
I might give them access to some sort of explosives or cheaper krak grenades to compensate for their very limited access to vehicle-busting weaponry.

Lastly they'll all have the ability to get off their bikes and move normally, and then get back on again - unique to this mob.

I feel like I've missed something, but I can always edit this post or reply, in the meantime, let me know what you think.

EDIT: Rules are done.
If you want, I'll work on some kind of biker skill table to replace the Piracy one.

I'd be hesitant to make krak bombs cheaper for them as a blanket rule (as they're the first thing I'd give any biker as-is), but I'm sure there are cheaper bike-themed explosives they could use to save teef. How about letting them use something like Digga Firewater?
That'd be handy, I've not thought too much about other skills yet. One allowing targeted attacks on vehicle wheels/legs might be handy though.

As for Digga Firewater - yes, that's perfect. It completely slipped my mind!
Da Bikers
i haven't been on here in a while, so this is my first post in a long time.

I just wanted to say i'd be very intrested in seeing how this came along and would be intrested in trying to raise my own 'club' when more of their rules come out, great idea thumbs.gif
I've got good news for you then. The rules are nearly done. There's a paragraph of fluff and a hired guns rules section to slot in, then they're ready for testing.

I must say, making a derivative mob is much, much easier than starting from scratch!
Rules are up on tUGS now.
New version is out now.

Thanks to Da Bikers for the amazing artwork!
Da Bikers
no problem - glad you liked them so much biggrin2.gif
You can see a log of my work on the models for my first chapter here.
hey all! I'm a big fan of the motorcycle gang rules and motorcycles in general (this includes the history of real motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, Outlaws etc)..and since the release of the rules have been influenced to start my own GoMo motorcycle "club"...but one thing has not quite sat right with me...this involves Orky injuries and the fact that the club would not allow its members to just go off to Mektown to seek medical advice, they would deal with it themselves!

As a MASSIVE fan of SOA i'd like to point out they have their own doc, and in real life, the clubs would have their own doctors who deal with any injuries 'under the radar!'

Does anyone else thing there should be rules for some sort of Mad Doc within the Outlaw Motorcycle community??
Hey! Glad you like my work CoolOrkDark.gif
What's the name of your club?

Whilst in SoA they do have their own doc (Tara) and an ex medic (Chibs) throughout the show they do use the local facilities, i.e. St. Thomas Hospital.

However, I can see the benefits of tailoring a variant of the rules so they can use their own doc. After all, they're all primarily drivers which tends to affect their needs in terms of bionics (notably leg replacements).
I'm a bit busy to write them now, but if you have any ideas jot them down and we can see about integrating them into the next release of the Outlaw MC rules!
I'll be sure to do that..when i also have time!

My mobs called 'Grogniks Bad'uns' and at the minute are in need of some some nice simple chopper conversions which i'll post up here when i get them all sorted.
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