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Full Version: Digga Trukk in the Making
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Alright, here goes, first real post in a long time.

Not too long ago I stumbled apon tUGS and I started thinking about all the Gorkamorka stuff in the basement. Well it turns out I didn't have that much stuff after all so I hit ebay and bought ALOT of stuff, TOO MUCH if you ask the girlfriend.

Anyway, I bought some Diggas, they needed a trukk, here you go.

Hope I remember how to upload pics...

Let me know what you think.
Feedback is always welcome.

That's coming along nicely!
I particularly like the driver's seat.
Thanks Flamekebab, it really wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be ripping the drivers body off and just adding padding. A handy set of clippers and the x-acto.

Anyway, a little bit of progress and a few pics. Magnetized boarding planks and big shoota. Drivers cockpit finished with pedals and the steering column. The very beginings of the covering for the crew area has begun in green stuff. I have also started working on a magnetized wrecking ball.

Thanks for looking and as always c&c is welcome.
Da Bikers
That's really coming along nicely, I look forward to seeing more pictures as you add to it.
Mik McMok the Mek
Like it, cant wait to see the finished result.
I like the repositioning of the engine. Are you planning on detailing the roof supports?
Thanks for all the comments guys.

That engine repositioning was looted from someone here on the waaagh! but I cannot remember who, sorry.

The trukk is mostly finished now. The magnetized wreaking ball is finished as well as most of the covering for the crew compartment. As for the roof supports getting detailed, probably not as they will be covered by the, hopefully, removable tarp like cover that goes over the area to keep the diggas from baking in the sun.

Of course when I want to take more pics the camera battery is dead, I left the camera on, oops. When thats charged I will post more pics of the trukk as well as the digga buggy I started today while waiting for the trukk to dry. Nothing special, just a chopped up new trukk kit.

Back soon with more photos I hope...
Alright, back with those photos as promised.

First up is the nearly complete digga trukk. It only needs the rest of its crew cover then I do believe I will call it done. Magnetized big shoota, wreaking ball, reinforced ram, boarding planks and the removable crew cover. I will in the future be making other magnetized weaponry, probably spear gun and harpoon gun, as well as a possible big grabba.

Up next is the digga buggy, just started really but they are so easy to do that it is almost done really.

Thanks for looking guys and as always keep the comments coming. It keeps me motivated and I need that, I bought way too much gorkamorka stuff off ebay recently. laughingOrk.gif
Looks awesome, can't wait to see it done.
I'm liking where that buggy is going. I wish they'd redo the buggy kit.
Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

As for the buggy kits getting redone, I wouldn't hold your breath, although it would be great, I am sorta okay converting them from the trukk kit.

I really wish they would release a new trak kit. As long as it had individual track pieces and not just stuff molded to the wheels or whatever.

Anyway, another day off today so back to the trukk and buggy!

Excellent work on the vehicles. I am looting your removable top idea. My question is how do you texture the top. I used painted medical gauze before but the removable top is excellent.

Other than that your models are looking great. Can't wait to see the final product.
Back for more!!!

Thanks for all the comments.

@Jorvanni - Well, glad you like the idea of the removable top. Just for you I took pics and will explain. First, I bought some of this Instant Mold.

Then you find yourself a nice textured surface, like this stegadon for instance.

Then you follow the directions on the intant mold and you end up with this. (Best pic I could get.)

Get yourself a blob of green stuff or whatever you use and press a thin layer for the skins onto the mold.

Put your skin onto your vehicle where you want it.

Now at this point I have found it better to take it carefully off the vehicle and put it on a nice solid surface, in this case I am using my paint mixing pallet, a nice porcelain tile. Then Using a piece of the instant mold I GENTLY press the edges of the new piece onto the already dried pieces.

Now using a sharp tool of some sort I score the edges of the newly placed skin to make it look as though it were sewn together.

Very carefully I remove the piece from the pallet and drape it back into position on the trukk to dry.

Hopefully that helps. The trukk is almost done at this point. I think one more piece of hide will finish the crew cover.

Hope you guys find this at all usefull. Let me know.
Thanks a million for the detailed instructions. I took notes and will must likely use it in the future.

Looking forward to the end product
@Jorvanni - I forgot probably the most important part!!! When you put the green stuff back on to the trukk to dry you need to use some form of lubricant! This prevents the green stuff from sticking to the mini. I use mineral oil, the kind used for oiling wooden cutting boards and food utensils and things of that nature. The reason I use this is because it washes off very easily with just straight soap and water. I have seen people use other lubricants like vaseline or cooking oils, I can only imagine how hard those are to get off the model.
Sweet, you are capturing the digga stye well good to see such a neat convertion.
Okay, its finally finished.

@Killboss - Thanks, I was trying to stick to that original Digga covered trukk feel.

All in all I'm happy with it. Lots of magnetized gubbins and a removable crew cover.

The Digga buggy also received a little bit of attention.

I will continue to work on the buggy, I may even post more pics. Not sure if I should do another Digga vehicle or call two enough? Maybe grab a couple bikes off ebay?

Any Digga players out there with an idea of how many vehicles I should have for a mob?
GrimRukk BlitzSnik
nice! all of this is really cool
QUOTE (chaoshead87 @ Feb 23 2011, 03:48 AM) *
I will continue to work on the buggy, I may even post more pics. Not sure if I should do another Digga vehicle or call two enough? Maybe grab a couple bikes off ebay?

Any Digga players out there with an idea of how many vehicles I should have for a mob?

It really depends how your campaign works out and what you prioritise. Some people like a lot of vehicles and sacrifice big guns or gubbinz to do it, others pimp out a single vehicle. I've done both with my various Ork mobs.

By the way, I really like your textured roof!
Well its been a while but the buggy is basically finished, I would like to add something to it to make it feel more like it belongs to the Diggas but I am not sure what yet.

Of course it breaks down into its magnetized parts for ease of painting.

The wheels also detach, just forgot to do that for the pic.

Any ideas what I may be able to do to make it "feel" more like a digga vehicle?

I could add a "roof" but I am not sure I want to do that to the buggy.

Thanks for looking and as always C&C is welcomed and needed.
I think Digga vehicles require a roof, although how to represent it is up to the individual player. In order to make it less Orky I'd swap out some parts for weedier versions, make it look a bit B-grade. After all, a mek isn't going to give his best stock to a jumped up zoggin' Digga.
You know unfortunatly I sorta feel the same way about the roof thing on the Digga vehicles.

Weedier parts would be a very true part of the Digga lifestyle I think.

I will continue to think on this one.

Da Bikers
That looks great. I'm not sure about diggas myself so I can't really offer much advice about what to do to make it feel more 'diggary'. All I can do is offer my praise.
Phillip Corrie
Just so ya know that with some slight modifications, I will be lootin both o these...
@ Phillip Corrie - Please loot away and post pics of your mods! Insperation runs both ways here. Just because I call something done doesn't mean that I can't go back and add/modify it later. Plus I would love to see what others do to make the vehicles look like a Digga uses it.

Thanks for all the C&C guys, keep it coming.

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the C&C, quick heads up on these...I have put them up on ebay.

Thanks for looking.

here is the trukk

and the buggy

Thanks guys.

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