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Advice on a league list

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I've recently got back into 40k, after a break since 5th ed. I'm loving 8th and my Orks!

As the title suggests I'm after some advice on a 1250 point league list.

My current thinking is:
Big Mek on bike, kff
Nob with Waaagh banner
3x 30 boys, nob with klaw in each
Kill tank with bursta

I've got 74 points left and am contemplating a big mek on foot, possibly a painboy, or maybe sticking more guns in the units/tank.

If anybody has any suggestions I'd be much obliged.
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i'd recommend a unit of 24 grotz or even 2 units of 12 if your not bothered about number of drops for deployment, they make great objective holders and backline depp strike denial  as you can string them out. and as every one know grots are the secret weapon of our army, my unti fo 10 shot a unit of oblitarators to death the deep striked a bit to close. have to say it was amazing rolling of the dice to get the hits and wounds the guy then fluffed his saves .... waas it a miracle or was it just grot magic? 



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I also use small units of grots to grab nearby objectives. Opponent has to outnumber you to take it away, so it forces them into moves they don't want to take.



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I'd drop the Banna Nob, swap the Klaws for Big Choppas in the mobs, and add a Supreme Command with 3 Wyrdboys, if you're trying to really make the list 'ard.

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