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using ammo runt re-roll for kombi-skorcha???

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The Northern Ork

The Northern Ork


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Was wondering if we could use the ammo runts re-roll to re-roll the dice for the number of hits if firing a kombi-skorcha? Since it is a shooting attack, that auto-hits...... was wondering because my drive by attacks would be even more devastating in a BW filled with kombi nobz.... 


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I think ammo runts only enable the option to re-roll a "to hit" roll. So no, determining the shots is not a "to hit" roll I would say.

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Look at it this way. A skorcha makes D6 shots. Those shots hit automatically. You could totally roll the hit rolls for those shots, and re-roll those 1s, but the results wouldn't matter because you hit anyway. So when you use a hitting automatically weapon you don't bother making those rolls, but those rolls technically happen, they just don't matter. If you could re-roll the number of shots, it would clearly say so.

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