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Massive 5000 point battle: orks versus Death Guard and Tyranids

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Had a great 2500 versus 2500 game today.  I wanted to field as many models as I could while trying a couple things I haven’t used yet (Ghaz, nobz, waagh banner, and tankbustas).  Game type was The Relic (the fish'ead in the tall building at the board center).  The gretchin grabbed it but didn't go anywhere with it since my opponents tipped.


So quick breakdown – ghaz was a big help on the charge but I was stupid to go into the tyrant without support.  He was killed on the second turn of combat.  The orks all flew in though and did a great job.  The nobz, with the bonus attacks and bonus to hit from the banner were insane.  Nothing could really stop them.  The enemy had no vehicles, so the tankbustas weren’t very good.  They did manage to use the rokkits to injure the trygon and the bomb squigs finished it off.  They also helped finish off a tyrant.  But not getting to reroll hurt.  The flash gitz continue to be the real stars, killing 8 plague Beakies, 17 termagaunt in shooting, and another 24 in melee.  Getting to burn off ammo runts makes them amazing.


Death Guard are tricky but so expensive that they will be extremely limited in what they can put on the table.  Orks do feed a lot of bodies to pox walkers when the player triggers the stratagem.  The terminators went down to nobz and typhus would have come next.  Having to roll two disgusting resilience saves per bog choppa hit makes it hard for them to stop all those hits.


Ork boyz fell like wheat to the plague flails.  The huge ork unit had three or four of them, killing 7-8 boyz per turn.


All in all, it was a blood bath.  In the last picture you can see I have very little left.  Great fun.  My opponents tipped after I killed the terminators, both flyrants, and left the tyranid player with no synapse and the plague beakie unit with Typhus and 6 plague Beakies trapped in combat with more models than they could survive.


My army:


1 Ghazakul

1 Big Mek with big choppa and KFF

1 Big Mek with power klawand KFF


30 Shoota boyz – 3 big shootas, nob with power klaw

30 Shoota boyz – 3 big shootas, nob with power klaw

10 gretchin


10 Nobz – 4 big choppa, 2 power klaw, 4 power stabba

10 Nobz – 4 big choppa, 2 power klaw, 4 power stabba

10 Nobz – 4 big choppa, 2 power klaw, 4 power stabba

15 Tankbusta Boyz – 2 tank hammers, 2 rokkit pistols, 5 squig bombs

1 Nob with waagh banner


10 Flash Gitz – 10 ammo runts

12 loota boyz


My opponents (best I can recall).




1 Winged Tyrant

1 Winged Tyrant


20 Termagaunts – flesh borers 5 devourers

20 Termagaunts – flesh borers 5 devourers

20 Termagaunts – flesh borers 5 devourers


3 Venomthropes


1 Trygon Prime

16 genestealers


Death Guard


1 Typhus

1 Nurgle Demon Prince


5 Blight terminators

20 plague Beakies with plasma, flails, a few other things

1 blightbringer (the grenade guy)

10 pox walkers

10 pox walkers


Images are in order from set up to the last turn, which was third turn.


You can see my growing dead pile in the top left side as the game progresses.  I had close to 150 models.  Finished with only 50 or so remaining!











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