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Mek Guns - Gun destroyed - crew carry on ?

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    Puffball Fungus

  • Grotz
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  • Army Name:Da Pale Orks

What happens the Grot crew if the gun is destroyed , can the grots carry on and be annoying ?


The rules state

"Artillery: A Mek Gun can only fire its ranged weapon if a

friendly <CLAN> Grot Gunner unit is within 3". A single
Grot Gunner cannot operate multiple Mek Gunz in this
way in a single turn. If all of the Grot Gunners within 6"
of a Mek Gun are slain, it immediately shuts down and is
removed from play"







    Grot Oiler

  • Boyz
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I've played it that the grots are able to move away as they are their own separate unit.   They've normally run off and charged the thing that killed the gun (and died immediately)



    'Ard Boy

  • Boyz
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  • Location:Idaho
  • Army Name:Da Iron Gitz

Nothing happens to the grots, they're still there. They are their own separate unit and there is no rule that says they go away when the gun is destroyed. That being said, you get Grot characters with no wargear, go nuts  :lol




  • Boyz
  • 120 posts
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  • Location:Long Beach, CA
  • Army Name:WAAAGH! Tortoof

In fact, based on the wording, if you have multiple guns, you can run them all with one grot gunners unit. Say 3 Mek Guns, the 5 grots from one of the crews is enough, and you can move the other two off to perform screening or objective sitting duty, making use of their inability to be shot at.