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Ork Shanty Town WIP

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With Chicago Bolt Action being set with about 3-4 tables worth of my terrain for events like Operation Sting and Adepticon, as well as just finishing a table for Frostgrave, I thought it was time to revisit the old Necromunda/40K terrain bundle for Adepticon and other local events. With that in mind, and after having played through Borderlands once again, I decided to take a crack at some non-Imperial terrain - an Ork Shanty Town. Much like my previous human shanty town (which is currently on loan to the guys over at Hyacinth Games, makers of Wreck-Age), these are based on old CDs, with walls of poster foamboard, covered in cereal cardboard with riveting added to the edges. The roofs are all corrugated cardboard (all of a corrugation is the smallest available - known as "E-type" - to fit appropriately into the 28mm scale). I'm adding gubbinz, old bitz, and parts from old toys as detailing. Each shanty is sized a little differently - some are large for Nobs, others for Boyz, and the smallest for Grotz.
More pics and info below:

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Looking good! 

I made a couple of ork buildings with a similar method, myself. Looking forward to seeing the end result!



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Buildings look great and the circular bases will keep them in solid shape. I used aluminum cans with a crimper to make the corrugated roofing, but paper works just fine too.