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Kombi-Skorcha conversion tips?

Kombi-Skorcha conversion kitbash help

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Apologies if I missed a thread that touched on this subject.

I could really use some advice from da meks on how to build a proper looking kombi-skorcha for a nobz squad. I have the basic idea of attaching flamers to shootas down, but making them look cohesive (and orky!) is another matter entirely. So far I've put together one with a slugga grip, Deff Dread big shoota, Dreadnought CCW arm flamer, and some warped shoulder pads to hold the guns together, but I'm sure plenty of people here have better and easier builds.

Penelope the Wonder Pony

Penelope the Wonder Pony

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I'd recommend getting some very thin plasticard, so that you can add thin plates that span across both guns and make them look more unified. You might need to sand some existing details flat, so that you can add more detail on top. And try moving the fuel tank to be mounted somewhere on the shoota part, and use thin wire/solder to add pipes running down to the skorcha. Basically, do anything you can to blur the lines!



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These two pictures show some of the conversions to nob combi weapons I have made. Lots of shaving, chopping, and converting to make these. The lower barrel is drilled out (as is the top) and the scorcha bit has a pin in the back so it can be stuck in the barrel. They way the double shootas become kombi-scorchas. With all the scorcha bits shaved of the front of the combi weapons and the extra bits from meganobs, I have piles of scorcha bits. BTW, these pictures are from pages 4-5 in http://www.the-waaag...ic=54490&page=1



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