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  • Army Name:Brain Boyz
He's very slightly taller. I was trying to pivot him at the spine to sand him up, and they don't gain a lot of height from that.

No progress to speak of but I actually played the game! 55 PL game because that's more or less what I can find since I had just moved. My army consisted of a decade old warboss conversion, from right around when Black Reach came out...
So old that there's yellowing on the plasticcard! In retrospect a decent concept, but the arms drove me nuts at the very least.

Rest of the list...another warboss, stock snap fit black reach fella, just because that's what I could find to fill my second hq slot. Also two 30 boy mobz, two ten boy mobz in trukks, and...actually I think that's it. Any paint applied to anything in this army was not done by me, I haven't gotten that far, and since I could only find one trukk the other one was a busted up mkI rhino.

I was up against a primarily infantry guard plus an earthshaker emplacement. No conscripts because its not like either of us was optimizing things exactly. This was not destined to be a fast game just from the mode count. I'm not familiar enough with the current rules to say the exact mission, but there were four objectives, controlling one at the end of the game turn gave you a point, and was set to five turns. We deployed on long board edges.
Looked something like that. I didn't bother taking more pictures but probably should have. Objectives are hard to see but the were more or less about a foot in from all the edges.

Basically I charged the boys up the right side of the field and ate bullets. The trukk boyz went up the right flank to try to take out the earthshaker. The bosses were both in the misdst of the boyz because that seemed like a good place. I went second. First turn involved little movement on the part of the guard and much shooting, didn't kill many boyz but did nearly kill a trukk and minorly damages the other.

I ran the giant mobs as far as I could, got them parked on an objective. Disembarked the shoota boyz out of the nearly broken trukk and ran them up some ruins to an objective, where the would proceed to never inflict a single wound the entire game, but also not get wiped out and control the objective the whole time, they were great. I made more saves with them than I do when rolling for my Deathwing.

Long story short, the boyz get shot to pieces running up field, but the trukk boyz silence the artilery and then get stuck in before being killed. The bosses and most of the foot mobz get killed too, but about a dozen boyz make it into combat and occupy the gunlines for a couple turns. Most importantly though rushing up everything kept the guard on the back of the board. I ended the game with eleven victory points vs his three, despite having four of my left on the board at the end.

Even with poor army design pure numbers work if you play objectives! Yay!