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Boss Ardnutz

Boss Ardnutz

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Nothing special, just a small mob of lootas I painted yo over the last few days. My young grot painted the guy with face tattoo with just a light touch-up from me afterwards to bring the colours into line with the rest of the mob.

This was my first experiment in using a home made wash and I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

I bought these assembled (but with mold lines and un-drilled barrels) from a friend how was getting out of 40k. I have a few more on the aperture and I'll definitely paint those before gluing the weapon harnesses on - these are a right bugger to paint once fully assembled!

1st 4:




2nd 4:



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Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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Oh yes these are a right royal pain in the arse to paint once assembled. But you seem to have managed quite nicely. :thumbs While I bemoan the loss of the old Lootaz rules I was happy to see these models produced when the new lootaz came along. Great assembled as-is and also easily modified to make them all unique, plus a wealth of useful bitz.


Nice mob. Quality paint job. Job's a gud'n.


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