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Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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Years ago someone posted a couple time-filler miniatures games. Try as I might, I can't seem to find the thread where I got this from, so I am going to have to go with an anonymous nod to whoever posted the original. They posted a goofy little squig-chase game which became a hit at family game nights for me and my kids. I painted up a troll and some mushrooms (sculpting mushrooms happened to be a buzzing topic around that time on the Waaagh) and always had something to fill the gap between games or waiting for the pizza to show up.


Anyway, to make a long story longer, I found my squighopper pieces and a handful of unpainted squigs. At that time we were using my squighounds. So I figured I'd do up the squigs rainbow style and have a permanent set for play and would pull it out at the holidays so the kids would get a laugh. Well, the army crapped on that plan so my eldest son won't be home for Christmas this year, but screw them I finished this little side project anyway.


The rules (I have tweeked them from the original) are here.


So, fine, enough yammering, here's the piccies.


The squigs...


The rest of the pieces...


And an example game...



So, out of thanks to the orignal poster, I return the favor of posting this amusing past-time (and wonderful excuse to paint some interesting pieces) and hopefully kick off a family tradition for someone else.




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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Nice pieces, the game sounds like the sort of thing Dim might have come up with - got me wondering about a 'Katch da squigeon' game :biggrin

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Sproston Green

Sproston Green

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Very nice squigs, MGD. :thumbs  Now I can plunder some of these colors for future any future squigs I'll need.   ;)

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Col. Vyvyan Gitsplitta da Uber Plunderer 'n Da Very Metal Boyz: Da Free Boot'n'est Free Booterz dat eva Free Boot'd!!!
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    Rutted Gob Busta

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Right on, thanks for sharing!

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    'Ard Boy

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That toadstool at back right is just amazing. That's absolutely the standout piece for me.
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Mik McMok the Mek

Mik McMok the Mek


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:love Neat squigs and toadstools


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