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Few rules questions.

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Do strength modifiers with h2h weapons stack with weapon save modifiers? this only matters with arch teck and muties.

Also do unmodified saves work like in necromunda and are in addition and ignore pinning? This only matters with arch teck and freebootaz.



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I'm fairly confident on these, but I'm sure at the very least Flamekebab will weigh in with his perspective as well.


On save modifiers, I'd say yes, they do stack, but you'd take into account the modifiers you had on your base strength, before adding the bonus strength and the additional modifiers. I think it's best to view it as the weapon having sorted out its own modifier bonuses, so you only concern yourself with the base abilities of your fighter and add the weapon into account afterwards.


On unmodified saves versus pinning, I'm more used to Necromunda, but, saves don't prevent you from being hit (unless specified otherwise) so they would not negate pinning. They'll just negate wounds.