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Trying to improve da system

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big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

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I'm going to be running some gorkamorka games in the new year, we've played it once and found a few things that we thought needed tweaking - namely krak bomms being overpowered and the combat being a bit difficult once someone gets too good.


I'm of the opinion that the combat thing is just about tactics (if he's good in combat, shoot 'im). the krak bomms probably need downgrading to D3 hits on vehicles.


So has anyone made some more balanced rules for gorkamorka, and are there any good balanced additions for it? I was wanting to introduce burnas and burna kannisters, which were going to be a thrown bomm which you then roll a scatter dice for once the final position has been determined - it then either explodes with a small blast on a hit or fires the flamer template in the direction of the arrow, with strength etc like a frag bomm.


The flamer I wanted to be like a skorcha, but only S3 - runs out of ammo on a 4+ and if the wearer goes down due to shooting, the tank explodes like a frag bomm on a 4+.


I'd also like to introduce upgrades to peoples forts - Thinking that people start with a building and some barricades, which slow down infantry but aren't proper walls. people can then introduce more buildings, proper walls, and weapons which are mounted on the buildings. The mines can also be upgraded to produce more scrap (and subsequently make cave-ins more likely). Just generally make it more involving than just the mob itself - it's your fort, your mine. maybe even add buildings that do things, like a mekshop that can improve vehicles (have to have 2 meks to use one), drinkin' halls to make your mob less likely to bottle out. that sorta thing.

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the proppa way to loot a bastion!

mechanical nids in the FBH!

4th Edition Orks in 7th W/D/L: 7/0/3

7th edition Orks W/D/L 4/0/0



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That idea looks amazing!

I think there were rules for using burnas, created by a member of the forum.

I will keep reading this!



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As someone who has done a fair bit of work on Gorkamorka-related rules I've come to feel that trying to modify the core rules is more trouble than it's worth. Perhaps one day it'd be good to have an equivalent to the Necromunda Community Edition that takes some cues from advances and improvements in more recent games.


I should point out that by this I don't mean to criticise house rules. If your group feels like Krak Stikkbombs are too powerful and everyone agrees they need nerfing then go for it!


What I mean is that I try to treat the original rules as the bedrock on which to base things. I don't want to have to re-playtest add-on rules to take into account different rulesets, life's just too short. Changes to the core rules (such as changing the vehicle movement mechanics) are easy to manage in a small campaign with some friends but when creating stuff for everyone else to use it quickly becomes pretty hard to keep track of. It's hard enough to playtest the many permutations of add-ons as it is :D


Of course it doesn't help that the original rules aren't the most balanced things in the world! There's any number of ways to field beardy mobs that win by sheer brute force of statistics!

The result is of course that it's a game that has to be played with players who are good sports and embrace the spirit of the game (and house rule stuff if players won't behave).


Anyway, for me krak stikkbombs haven't been overpowered because of their cost and difficulty to use. All stikkbombs are -1 to hit by default and have a fairly minuscule range and for the cost a normal Ork mob could go for another boy or an equipped yoof. I don't usually use them as for most warriors there's a 50% chance of running out of ammo after the first hit (BS3, -1 to hit. 5 or 6 results in a hit, 6 triggers an ammo roll which stikkbombs auto-fail). That said if they're being a nuisance, nerf 'em!


What kind of trouble have you been running into with combat? I'd be interested to compare notes.


Hand to hand and ramming are both supposed to be the deadliest elements of the game, at least according to the design notes, but one way to even the odds is multiple attackers. Those bonuses stack up quickly and level the playing field! I had to get a whole crowd of lads in once to make a dent in one of Depiff's Freebooters. The git had a cybork body and just wouldn't go down! Got 'im in the end though  :yes


Right, rules and additions. Let's see there's a bevy of stuff here but I can't vouch for lots of it. Many of the things from Citadel Journal and the like seem to not have seen any playtesting (and the Mad Meks stuff from White Dwarf seems distinctly cow-in-shopping-trolley!). The Dust Rats, Feral Orks, and Ork Outlaw MC rules have all been extensively playtested though. They could still be improved, of course!


I've written some rules for Burnas but they could probably do with a bit of a refresh. If you'd like to update them I can create a new version :)


Burna kannisters sound like a lot of fun. If you put together some rules I'd be happy to lay them out in the tUGS template (not the ratty old thing the Burna document uses - here's an example of the new one). Stuff like that is ideal for something we've been planning for a while - a Gorkamorka rare trade system!

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I find Krak Stikkbombz a good disincentive for building overly large vehicles. Items that scatter are not going to miss vehicles that are too big to use.

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    Tankbusta Boy

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I guess I killed his enthusiasm :/