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Annuva Gorkamorka meet

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So over on the Gorkamorka facebook page, they've arranged another meet at Warhammer World. It will be on the 1st of November. Tables have been booked, including the Gatehouse of Numas board (the Tomb Kings one) As usual all are welcome - just turn up with whatever stuff you have, be it an existing mob or just a collection of random orks and trukks. Even if you've not played before it's fairly easy to pick up, so feel free to turn up anyway.



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It's troublesome, given that it's a mere week after the Waaagh meet. Logistics will prevent, sadly.



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Bit short notice. Maybe next time.

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Hey gents - here's my write-up of last Saturday's goings-on. It was a great day, and not just because I won both my battles!





Almost exactly two years ago, I went up to Warhammer World to take part in a GorkaMorka weekend organised by Flash Git from Da Waaagh! forum. A few other guys turned up and we had a great weekend. I think I played about 5 battles. While I was there, I got the phone call that resulted in my current (awesome) job, and I've been too busy since to attend the 3 or 4 events since.

Well, that all changed this Autumn. The new event was organised on the GorkaMorka Facebook group, and I booked the date in a few weeks early so I knew I would be free. This event was just one day, but I hadn't played GoMo since the first event so my ladz were well overdue for a scrap...

Suffice it to say that the day absolutely got me hooked on GorkaMorka again, and fortunately after showing my current (Necro-focused) gaming group the pictures, we're all talking about a GoMo campaign sometime in the next year.


Some pre-battle pics of my ladz...





Battle 1: We Woz 'Ere First vs. Da Loota Boyz

First turn, my trakk thrusts and swerves into the wreckage, immobilising it clear.png Most of the occupants leap off to run towards the enemy trukk.

My trukk with all my CC fighters turns on the inside of the enemy vehicles, preparing to set up some boarding actions next turn. Unfortunately it loses control and skids a bit further than intended.

Following the charges, my CC guys manage to dispatch the enemies pretty quickly, including their Cybork Nob (who no longer has a toughness value, and is damaged like a vehicle instead.) The enemies bottle next turn.

This game only lasted about three turns, but one guy died and two enemies were killed.

I got a massive underdog bonus, with everyone getting +7 XP and a huge +10 to income. I ended up making 13 teef.



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Battle 2: We Woz 'Ere First vs. Red Toof's Marauders (?)

These guys had the highest mob rating of the mobs here today. One of my boyz went to the Doc in the last post-battle sequence and his surgery got screwed up, so he was automatically taken out of action at the start of this game. He's one of my drivers, so my trak was basically irrelevant in this battle because it was unable to move and out of range.

The enemy Nob failed his stupidity test and wandered off his trukk and almost off the board. He stayed all the way over there for two turns...


Each side's trukks basically spent the battle circling around a pile of scrap, attempting to ram each other.



My trukk driver managed to complete an epic circuit around the scrap pile to complete a ram against the enemy trukk...


But ended up skidding further and simultaneous ramming it again and crashing into the wall. It ended up having its gas engines damaged and was effectively immobilised due to not being able to manoeuvre away.

My Nob and slaver attempt to get themselves out of danger from the other trukk running them over...

Red Toof the stupid Nob finally collects his wits and runs towards the battle.

My Nob charges the enemy slaver, who has T5 and 3 wounds...
And he manages to strip all the wounds away, taking the tough sumbitch out of action!

My Nob, Slaver and a CC hardass finish off all the enemies left in their end of the board, and are left with a long old slog to the enemies skulking in the ruins with their scrap... They don't particularly fancy running into all that gunfire...

But the enemies bottle at last, leaving my mob convincingly victorious!

My only casualty was the guy with the bodged surgery. He was captured and exchanged with an enemy captive. I also managed to capture one of their vehicles. My trak suffered damage to the steering which now means my driver has to pass a leadership test AND a strength test when turning under thrusters... Uh oh.

With the vehicle ransom and underdog bonus I made a ridiculous amount of cash this game, a whopping 32 credits. I bought a new Trak, a spanner boy to keep it running, and a yoof to bolster my numbers.

My boyz continued to toughen up considerably. My nob gained 57 experience this battle due to achieving 7 wounding hits, his winning leader bonus, and his underdog XP. This bumped him up two brackets, which is extremely rare at 140+ XP!

Dibbla the CC looney (the Ork in my avatar actually) gained a 3rd attack which combined with his WAAAGH! skill means he rolls 6 attacks on the charge! This guy is now an absolute beast, hitting at S6 with his massive choppa...


These battles were a heap of fun - and not just because I absolutely smashed the enemy. I used to play GoMo a lot up at University with @Shadowbadger and another friend, but I moved back to the opposite end of the country and it's been sadly missing from my life since then...

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