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Eternal Crusade: Da Reel Chanz fo uz boyz ta shine

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Da Kommizzar

Da Kommizzar


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This 'ere looks like a new MMO coming, didn't see any word about it being cancelled so it is coming boyz! Perhaps rename this forum section after this one now, eh?

See da girlz werz just too weedy,so dey made uz boyz!




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I've been following the progress of this for a while, they are still 18+ months off release, but it looks really cool, and we should definitely have a WAAAGH 'guild' or whatever the equivalent will be.


Two things worth noting though - this is not a WoW clone with a 40k skin, it looks more like a Battlefield game with RPG elements - meaning that even a super high level character is likely to be vulnerable to a big mob of orks. Secondly, they have chosen to make Ork Boyz as a free to play group, meaning that even if you don't want to buy the game you can still join the WAAAGH! From what I understand, people who buy the game can then play as more powerful orks (nobz etc).



    'Ead Graft

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Here is hoping it does not suffer the faith of all other mmorpg that have been warhammer based. They eother get pulled like dark millenium. Or are based on a foundation of lies like warhammer online.

May the Enemies blood on your choppa never dry or your welding torch grow cold!


Ork Tactics by Laughterofthegods




Mek Kargob

Mek Kargob

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From my understanding, F2P players can choose between Shoota Boys and Choppa Boys. They can spawn basic vehicles (like a trukk). 


They'll be able to spend a little bit to expand the full race, as opposed to spending more to unlock every race.


As far as I can tell, all the premium Orks will be playing Nobs or Nob-equivalents. I've shelled out far too much on this game already for all my gubbinz, and I'm looking forward to zooming around on my buggy shooting panzies and 'umies. 


Here's (shamelessly) my referral code if anyone wants to sign up. They'll get some points so they can get some stuff from the armoury - http://www.eternalcr...C-J1S33MVFKTKJG (the code is EC-J1S33MVFKTKJG).

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