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Custom Rok points value

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I've been running a homebrew Ork RPG for some time. It is set on Angelus (GorkaMorka) and my PCs have finally managed to get off planet and convert a nearby asteroid into a BFG style Rok.


As this one Rok is the only ship in their fleet I have allowed them considerable leeway in customising it but now that it exists I’m not sure how many points it should be worth. While it isn’t actually going to be used in standard BFG games a good idea of its points cost will help me work out appropriate (or difficult match ups)


It follows standard Rok rules except

  • This Rok counts as a capital ship rather than a defence on the gunnery table

  • The Rok rolls 4D6 for all ahead full rolls


Here are its stats


The Millennium Sereniprise


Type/Hits: Capital Ship/8

Speed: 10cm

Turns: Special

Shields: 4

Armour: 6+

Turrets: 1


Heavy Gunz Battery (15cm range, all fire arcs) Strength 5

Gunz Battery (45cm range, all fire arcs) Strength D6+8

Torpedoes (30cm speed, all fire arcs) Strength D6

Launch bays (25/30cm speed, all fire arcs) Strength D6+2

Weird lances (15cm range, all fire arcs) Strength 2


Due to the Large number of trained Doks on board the Rok can reroll the dice for boarding actions and bracing for impact provides a 3+ saving throw.


They may also use their impressive communications array to bombard enemy ships with Goff Rokk music so on any turn they are not on a special order they can give any other ship a -2 leadership modifier.


So what sort of points cost would you give a monstrosity like this?


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