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First Game, First Win vs Empire

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  • Grotz
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This was my first game in Warhammer fantasy. I chose OG because I play orks in 40k. A buddy of mine also plays OG and allowed me to use his models to make an army for this battle.

The battle vs Empire 2600pts

Ork Warboss
Ork Shaman lvl4

Goblin shaman lvl2

Night Goblin (fanatic) x20 - bows
Night Goblin (fanatic x20 - bows
Night Goblin (fanatic, bsb) x40 - spears

Squig Herder x 10
Squigs x20

Savage Orc x50

Orc Boar Chariot (extra crew)
Orc Boar chartiot (extra crew)

Mangler Squig
Manger Squig

Doom Diver Cat
Doom Diver Cat

Rock Lobba.


I did not take the spell that gives increase movement for the footsloggers. So my savage orcs all died by the time they reach his warmachines.. I was down to 4 orcs, the shaman, and the warboss when I started.. But thankfully that was enough. After the orcs died the shaman and warboss split into seperate units and took out more of his war machines.

My night goblin archers took out the left flank killing his riders and doing some damage to his steam tank while keeping my goblin shaman in cover.

My squig herders slowly moved up the field and avoided all fire from his war machines. Ended up reaching his halberdiers and winning combat.

One of my Orc Boar Chariots took out an attachment company of his halberdiers and then his planet spiral chariot thingy.

The other chariot died to a cannon blast

The 2 mangler squigs died pretty easily to the steam tank and cannon blast.

At the end of 6 rounds my opponent was tabled.