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Hello everyone. I recently purchased the new O&G book for Fantasy, and I am interested in starting up a faction full of greenskins. I have played a bit before when I had a faction full of Skaven, but just couldnt get into it. I dont own any models so far, and was planning on buying the Battalion for the Orcs to start out. Only thing is trying to figure out where to go from there. There are a lot of the models that I do like, but then a lot that I dont care for. I guess it would probably be easier to just say that I dont really like Snotlings or Squiggs. They are just too wierd for me. I also dont really like chariots. I mostly just dont want to buy a bunch of stuff and then have it turn out to be bad. If anyone has any suggestions as to where to go from here, I would be very appreciative. Or maybe give me an idea of what is good, and what is bad in this faction.



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The only thing that is pretty horrible in the whole Orc & Goblin army are snotlings. They don't have much of a use for their cost. Aside from that you can make just about anything work.

While I love the Waaagh, I would suggest you head over to http://www.da-warpath.com/ for specific Warhammer Fantasy greenskin stuff. The Waaagh is mostly for 40k greenskins and da Warpath is primarily for Fantasy. You will probably get quicker replies to questions there.

But, to your question about what you should use - I think that is more a question about what sort of army you want to field. The Orcs & Goblins book works very well at building themed force armies that actually play well. So you can build a combined army that just takes the strongest options from various greenskins, or you can build an effective army that sticks to a certain theme (I play all goblins - and mostly Night Goblins).
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