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How do we deal with actual monsters ?

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Good evening . How does a greenskin list deal with actual monsters ? Thanks in advance .

big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

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I figure fanatics, mangler squigs and other random high-power impact hits would work well. I seem to recall doom-divers inflict D6 wounds on what they hit, or something similar. If we can still get giants, I'd imagine them doing well too. a big unit of blorcs swinging their greatweapons might well do the trick too, or the old favourite of poison-bannered night-goblin horde with bows - 60 poisoned shots ain't to be sniffed at. obviously a warlord swing a giant blade would do the trick too. Didn't get much experience at O&G's new book, so don't take my ideas as tested ;)


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Warboss Gorhack

Warboss Gorhack

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I certainly agree about expendable weapons like Fanatics and Mangler Squigs. Even a big mob of regular Squigs could do the job against most monstrous critters rather nicely. Impact hits from Chariots, combined with boar charge damage, could put a nice dent in a monstrous beastie, but unless you finish the critter off on the charge your chariot will get stomped to flinders immediately thereafter. If you use Black Orcs great weapons it'd better be a big unit, and prepare for heavy losses. You're gonna go last using great weapons, and your armor won't help against their attacks or their thunderstomp. I'd add that tossing a nice log-sized pointy stikk through 'em can help (chukka). My other suggestion is bonkin' em on the bean with a lobba. If it's a truly big critter your opportunity to hit him bang-on with the center hole is fairly high, but for a smaller base like a Giant I'd prefer da chukka. Big things with regen (like Hydras) will want a flaming weapon, so your best bet is to have a unit of bows with the banner that makes the unit's weapons all firey. Personally I'd pick Orcs for this duty due to the extra standoff range bows get over gobbo shortbows. Alternately, you could send that big unit of Black Orcs to do the job with flamey great weapons, just be prepared for the unit to get crippled in the process. I'd expect war engines to be more threatening for less return damage than actually engaging a critter with great weapons, or plinking him to death with goblin bows at short (charging?) range. Of course, you'll end up using whatever you have to hand, and you'll like it. My two teef, Warboss Gorhack



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The Orc and Goblin army has a lot of ways of dealing with various monsters. Admittedly, none are as good as cannons, and not all work for all monsters... Basic gobbos can often grind them out, with mass attacks. Throwing the Poison spell on can make them a serious threat to monsters that don't have a great save. 2 Rock Lobbas can usually get a a hit or two in the first two turns, and with high S multiple wounds that can be enough. Bolt throwers and Doom Divers can be a threat too. Black Orcs rock S7/S6 with great weapons, enough to put the fear into most monsters. Our own monster, the Arachnorok, can go toe to toe with many monsters. Giants as well can be surprisingly good against low Initiative monsters. If it doesn't have flaming attacks, Trolls can often grind it out with their own decent strength and regen.
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Rock Lobbas are one of the best choices. A couple Spear-chukkas works pretty well as they have a good strength and cause multiple wounds, but you will need a few of them due to their inaccuracy. Small units of Boar Boyz with spears also does a good job against monsters. They are fairly cheap for a small unit, generate a good number of str-5 attacks on the charge, and are immune to the thunder-stomp attacks. It just depends which monsters you are sending them against. Chariots can cause some damage with impact hits, and pump wagons with the spiky-roller upgrade can put out a whole lot of hurt against most monsters. Also the mangler can cause a lot of hurt if you can manage to get it to the target - but most opponents will work to get rid of the mangler with either shooting, magic, or a sacrificial unit prior to the mangler doing a whole lot.
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If I am running Orcs I usualy try to deal with big monsters with my Warboss and what ever unit hes in. Lay down a challenge and pummel the monster or their boss into submission and use my SCR for the rest. When I use an all gobbo list I try and swamp it with dead gobblins. Usualy with SCR and wounds over time I can grind it out the combat win over time.

Mik McMok the Mek

Mik McMok the Mek


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Grimgor and a unit of Black Orcs tends to hold itself up well against most things, even a stampede of Knights lances on the charge, so he would be my first choice in any storm. Other than that i tend to build my army with a bit of a mix, some magic and shooty stuff to soften up opponents and some up close and personal stuff like the Black orcs to give it a good thumping. Look for the monsters weakness. Is it slow? Has it no armour (giants for example)? does it hate fire? (Regen stuff like Vargulf or trolls) Giants can be effective and fun to use for monstorous creature types. Chariots tend to be one hit wonders, (as many O&Gt hings) and I've never had much luck with Spear chukkas though against monsters they can be effective. Rocklobbas also have some use.

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