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Modeling idea

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Oi! I've been thinking of a way for me to make a new Battle wagon cheaper and still look really good. I've been thinking either getting a Stug G or a Panzer 2 model and converting it. I thinking their generally cheaper. but I'm not sure how to "upgrade" it. so I have 2 questions: 1) Does anyone know where I can buy an appropriately size model, 2) any hints on how I can make it look cooler? (especially the deffrolla) Please and thank you!!! :biggrin



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Toy stores, general hobby stores, many of which are online too. Just do a search for "hobby store" or the like and add your country eg "Australia"

As an example: https://www.frontlinehobbies.com.au/

1/35 Tanks are great for a battlewagon though a PII will probably be smaller than a trukk. Even a PIV would probably be a bit small but something like a Panther, Tiger or T34 would be nice and big. A modern tank like an M1 is even bigger again.

Check out multiple brands. Tamiya and Dragon make beautiful models but they are expensive. Academy is at the other end, they make cheaper models. They are not as good quality but they are still very good, and much cheaper so I would say better value. On that site I can get a 1/35 Tiger for about 35 USD.

Converting hints, I will need to go into more detail later but if you check out Da Oila's Blueprints (http://www.the-waaag...showtopic=25118) there are many excellent examples by people far more proficient and knowledgable than me.

Edit: Tbh there are many different styles, we could probably help you a lot easier if you sketch a few ideas or reference a few vehicle photos or art or existing Ork build from someone else. You will probably want to pick an existing military vehicle, me I am partial to modern tanks and to a few of the German WW2 ones.