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1500 list

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hi all, Posted the same thing on dakka, but thought id drop my list here too! Taking part in my first tournament type thing in a couple of weeks, so thought id post what im planning to bring! HQ (1) Big Mek, kustom forcefield, burna 105 Troops (3) 22 ork boyz, sluggas and choppas, nob, power klaw, boss pole 172 10 'ard boyz, shootas, nob, power klaw, bosspole in trukk, red paint job, big shoota 224 10 gretchin, runtherd 40 Elite (3) 5 nobz, 2xpower klaw, 3xbig choppa, waaagh banner, bosspole, kombi skorcha, ammo runt, 5 x cyborks, 1 x eavy armour, painboy, (all wound allocated ofc) in battlewagon, red paint job, deffrolla, big shoota 373 9 burna boyz 135 (in looted wagon) 10 lootas 150 fast attack (1) deffkopta 45 heavy support (3) 3 killa kans, grotzooka, rokkit, skorcha 135 looted wagon, red paint job, skorcha 55 (for burna boyz) looted wagon, boomgun 105 total 1499 comments would be warmly appreciated, as would a maths check! the rules are quite strict wysiwyg (hence the rubbish loadout on the kans), and i do admit, i have very few other models painted and based, hence why the list looks quite hodge-podge. if i had time to paint them, id like to take the kans out for my awesome stormboyz, and slip in another bw instead of the big boyz unit, but alas i simply wont have the opportunity hopefully its fairly all comer, and i do realise that attacking in waves is not ideal, so i plan to have a fast attack flank, with all the vehicles, and a slower wing/centre with the boyz and grots concerning themselves mainly with objectives or advancing for a late impact with, the kans providing target saturation and drawing fire, as they simply cant be ignored, all supported by the lootas and boomgun. ard boyz i know arent necessarily terribly competetive, but if they go hunting objectives, or assault people, invariably striking last), it just makes it that much more likely the boyz will survive to fight back or survive long enough to keep the objective. downgrading them buys me 6 more ork boyz in the big unit though, so i am on the fence! so my questions! 1) ard boyz or 6 more boyz? 2) too many toyz before boyz? (burnas, nobz, lootas, kans and boomgun) 3) enough troops? 4) does it feel right?! thanks all!
Solo 6th Edition tally (W/D/L): 7 / 2 / 5 (50% win ratio)
vs. Vanilla Beakies 1/0/0 vs. Grey Knights 4/0/1 vs. Dark Panzee 1/0/0
vs. Blood Angels 0/0/1 vs. Tyranids 0/1/1 vs. Chaos 0/1/0
vs. panzee 1/0/1 vs. Sisters of Battle 0/0/1

Group 6th Edition tally (W/D/L): 3 / 0 / 2
(with grey knights)
vs panzee & Chaos 0/0/1
(with panzee)
vs Blood Angels & fish'ead 1/0/0 vs Blood Angels & Ultramarines 1/0/0
vs Vanilla Beakies & Dpanzee 0/0/1 vs 'umies & Tyranids 1/0/0