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goblin wolf riders

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Mik McMok the Mek

Mik McMok the Mek


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After reviewing the new codex, i decided to invest in some wolfriders and convert them into Howlers and the new goblin hero for the unit. I used a chaos warhound for a slightly bigger wolf for the hero choice and kitted the whole lot out with bows for a fast mobile arrow unit. Tried them out on sunday and was very pleased with the result. However, a bonus to the whole thing which i thought worth mentioning is that GW kindly include additional legs arms sheilds /banners instruments /swords and heads for an additional 10 goblins, so all you need is bodies to make up a unit of 10 goblin spearmen aswell. Easily enough done with some greenstuff or in my case, some skaven bodies i happen not to be using from Island of Blood kit.

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