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Practicing with da kommandos

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    Puffball Fungus

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hi, I just recently started using kommandos and very much enjoy playing them. I was hoping someone could help me figure out the most effective way to build a stabby mob of kommandos what I thought of: 265pts- Kommandos mob (15) +Boss Snikrot +2 burnas the mob is also accompanied with my warboss 125pts- Warboss +Power Klaw +Kombi-skorcha +Eavy Armor +Cybork Body +Attack Squig +Bosspole any advice would be useful. please and thank you

Magus Gar Kan

Magus Gar Kan


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Well if you want them nice and krumpy... put your boss in mega armor. Both the Boss and the Kommando's have Move through Cover, so even though they're going at the boss's speed, you're picking the highest of 3 dice. If you want them even more killy, stick them with Ghazzy for the same reason. Overall though... looks good. Your best bet for using them is to just pop them out near anything you have in your opponent's backfield... preferably a unit outside of their transport, light 'em up and go in for the assault.
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    Growler (pet squig)

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Ghazzy is your best choice if you can afford the points. I had an experience with snikrot + Ghazzy + 10 komandos against grey knights and they killed everything on they'r way. The whole grey knight army turn back to face them so I was able to multiattack from everywhere and finish him. The greatness of "da combo" is that Ghazzy special ability allows you to auto roll 6 on running when he performs a Waaagh. That + move through cover allows you to reach the distance in the turn they appeare and charge.
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Wait, so they can charge the turn they come in, they just can't move or run? I feel like a snotling right now...



    Grot Orderly

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Razda, Kommandos are either on the board as infiltators or they walk on from reserve. If something walks on from reserve then it acts normally (I'm pretty sure anyway, never had reserve units that could do anything other than walk of course), in the case of Snikrot, his ambush rule means that he walks onto the board from reserve but from any table edge you choose. So Snikrot and his unit can walk on from the back edge, you can declare a Waaagh! if you like (seeing as reserve rolls occur after the first game turn which is when Waaagh! becomes available), run and then assault. So for your opponent to be safe from five S6 attacks then they have to keep more than 13-18" from a table edge, run rolls depending. Warlord93, you've pretty much got it there and anything I could add has been covered already :)