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Probably a repetitive request-but new member and GW player in need of

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Hi all! Am just a noob gamer after a long time hobby-painting (you can see my current dreadfleet and other work on my wordpress site (thedauntless.wordpress) and a friend of me passed comment recently that made me think. I had previously collected all sorts between armies, but for some unknown reason, I always seemed to pick up O&G units more than say, Skaven or Empire. So much so, that I just figured I must have the makings of an army that I could actually table, as opposed to simply a painter's hobby collection!
What I need help with is making a decent list from my own rabble.
To date, I have in various forms of unfinished averageness:
Grimgor Ironhide, Wurrzag, Orc Shaman, Goblin Warboss, 20 Boyz, 20 Gobbos, 10 Savage Orcs with da big stabba, 5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz(unassembled and not ready to table yet), 3.3 Boar Boyz (originally 5, but in bitz I'm still collating!), 20 Night Goblins with 3 Fanatics, 3 Nasty Skulkers, 20 Black Orcs, 20 Spider Riders, 3 River Trolls, a giant, a rock lobber and an Arachnarok with flinger. Have some wolf riders on the ebay way, and was wondering whether to purchase warboss on gigantic spider (really like these models, but this one is tasty expensive for the use of it) or maybe a doom diver.[/b][/b]
When I put it all down, it's a wonder that I didn't play sooner, but as anyone can see, I collected rare and special more and probably need some more core units - but am unsure of what direction to go in!
Am meeting up with a mate in the local Games Workshop next week for a practice/tutorial game - thinking 750/1000 pts-but what should I bring that I wouldn't embarass myself? Anyone care to help? I could really do with some idea of what works in O&G. From my reading of the army book, so much depends on chance animosity that it almost seems more suited to a hobbiest army than a gamer army, but this is from a complete noob, so please don't take offence!
Ok - that's it - thanks for listening to the plea and hope to hear from a kind someone who wants to help this waaagh kick off properly!

Shane (thedauntless)