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What do you guys think of the new paints?

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    Puffball Fungus

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Hey guys I don't post alot, BUT... what do you guys think of the new paints? Sorry if this is in the wrong place... Any suggestions on how to go about matching old colours with new ones.... Cheers



    Rutted Gob Busta

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I haven't yet tried them out but here is a sticky on matching colours :D
My thread!
Keep it proppa!!



    Stikky Fingas

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How many paint conversations do we need? There is a paint matching thread stickied here in the Mek's Garage, & there's an involved weeks' long conversation about them over in the Fungus Beer Hall. Please get your news from one of those threads, I'm closing this one down.
So - whenever dem doks finish staplin' yer arms back on Haky, why don't you an yer boyz come down fer a visit. We'll 'av a few squigaritas, throw a few grots around an' discuss who dis 'ere choppa really belongs to...

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You know Nosher's MO, anything he paints blue is automatically his.

- Nosher