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Playing GoMo using DOW 2 World Editor.

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  • Army Name:40k Name is the Rippas. GorkaMorka Name is the Gargant Crushas.
I have been playing a number of campaigns using the DOW 2 World Editor, simply place models and terrain, and roll dice on the side! My warband, the Rippas, are a beginning mob and hold six orks, all level 1 for now. Example Character- Kommando Nob Steltha- HP- 200 AS- +6 M- Medium I- 4 MA- 2 BS- +5 MOR- 9 Starting Waaagh! Zeal- 10 Special Rules- Spookums- infiltrates, virtually invisible to enemy for duration of turn. Green Fury- when activated, Steltha will inflict more melee damage. If you want more background info on campaigns of GorkaMorka Advanced, please message me.

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