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Da Kommizzar'z arrer forz update

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Da Kommizzar

Da Kommizzar


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  • Army Name:Da Bad Axe Arrer Forz, Grot Tank Rebellion, Da Cyboar Bullyz, and Da Kommizzar'z Bezt
This is a more themed version of my older list. My older list was my magic button of a list, I never lost to beakies. MEQ armies run in terror at the sight of the list.
Now I have finally updated the list to fit more the "Air Force" theme that I love so.

Da Arrer Forz!
Led by the reckless Kommizzar, these gitz traverse the starz and krump baddyz with the awesome power of Da Arrer Forz, consisting of Deffkoptaz, Chinorkz, fightabombaz, and anyfink dat flyz through the air like a bird.

Big Mek Lugnutz w/ kustom force field, power klaw-110
Known for his insane inventions and obssession with blades, he is held in contempt by other meks for Lugnutz lack of ground vehicle knowledge.
Da Big Mekenik w/ kustom forcefield, power klaw-110
Da Kommizzar's "go-to" for any sort of repair or replacement. The head of the meks, and Da Kommizzar's right-hand ork
19 Shoota boys, nob w/ power klaw, bosspole, x2 rokkitz-180
19 Shoota boys, nob w/ power klaw, bosspole, x2 rokkitz-180
19 Slugga boys, nob w/ power klaw, bosspole-160
10 gretchin, runtherd-40
Fast Attack
3 deffkoptas w/ rokkits-135
3 deffkoptas w/ rokkits-135
3 deffkoptas w/ rokkits-135
Heavy Support
looted wagon w/ boomgun-105
looted wagon w/ boomgun-105
looted wagon w/ boomgun-105

This list is the bringer of panic in my opponents. There is so many different threats that target priority is useless. If he goes after the koptas, he gets clobbered by boys and artillery. IF he goes for boys, he gets pummeled by artillery and blown up by koptas. If he goes for the wagons, then you know what happens. :P

Every ork list I try to imply the "Gorkamorka" strategy that Adrian Wood developed (thank you Adrian Wood). Where you have your freeks zip along the side while the boys slog up field. May sound crude or too simple, but It has never gone wrong except against deepstrike armies.

Please comment and critisize as the list is not perfect (if you are not me).
See da girlz werz just too weedy,so dey made uz boyz!