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Sneaky Army

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  • Army Name:Groznobz Waaagh!!
I came up with this list when walking to Uni today. I haven't checked my maths so I may be a few points off. Not intended to be competitive, just for fun. HQ Mad Dok Grotsnik Big Mek KFF Elites 3 x 15 Kommandos Each mob has 2 x burnas and Nob w/ PK and BP One mob has snikrot instead of nob Troops 20 Shoota Boyz Nob w/ PK, BP 19 Shoota Boyz Nob w/ PK, BP Fast attack 2 x 1 Deff koptas Buzzsaw Heavy support 2 x Battlewagon w/ Deff rolla and big shoota Looted wagon w/ Boomgun and 'ard case Comes to about 1750 Idea is to stick the Dok with Snikrots unit and have them sneak in as usual but backed up by two more units of Kommandoes. Rest of the stuff makes a fire base and does what they do best. Deffkoptas are used to Kamikaze units to take out Heavy weapon squads and tanks. C & C welcome :cheers
"Natural progression I guess; Wartrakktor, Wartrukk, Battlewagon..." - Thoume on the evolution of Ork vehicles

'It is considered a great breach of protocol to open fire upon a challenger in a race such as this, though truth be told Orks have never cared that much about protocol' - Ork Codex

"In the end the towing stompa literally bristles with weaponry from across the galaxy. Sometimes the gunz are even pointing in the right direction!" - Imperial Armour 8 on Deff Arsenals

Da Kommizzar

Da Kommizzar


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  • Army Name:Da Bad Axe Arrer Forz, Grot Tank Rebellion, Da Cyboar Bullyz, and Da Kommizzar'z Bezt
Seems really fun, a list themed around decoys and throat-slitting.
I can see how each unit would be used, so I cannot think of any changes.
(Except: I do prefer rokkitz over buzzsaws. They can do the same thing except do it again and again and again without getting closer than 24"!)

Battlewagons filled with boys strafing the enemy while hooting and hollering. Looted wagon makin messes of enemy formations. deffkoptas buzzing around over head messing enemy armour and heavy weapon squads. Kommandoes pouring into ranks from behind....the enemy won't know what hit 'em! :lol
See da girlz werz just too weedy,so dey made uz boyz!