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Another new WFB Orc and Goblin Player

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    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

  • Grotz
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Good evening, I am looking for some advice. I am just starting to build my first goblin army, and I have only played a couple very small 500-750 point games so far, which have usually been heavy on the Night Goblins, which constantly flee on me. I have not lasted three turns, because they always run away. The next game I play, I will have a Night Goblin Big Boss carry a magical Battle Standard of Discipline, which I hope will help me out. Since I already have a preponderance of Night Goblins, I was thinking about going all out on Squig Herders, Hoppers, Manglers, goblin artillery, wolf riders, spider riders, perhaps some snotlings to slow enemies units down. My specific questions... Am I on the right road for thinking about my goblin army? I understand that some armies do better against other armies and such, should I invest my time and money into a variety of goblinoid units or should I do something else. How do I help out my scary'd cat goblins? My next game is against Ogres...any advice? These are the models I have or will have soon...This is not my army, just a list of all the models I own. 60 Night Goblins with Spears 20 Night Goblins with Short Bows 20 Goblins (I haven't assembled them yet) 10 Forest Goblins with Short Bows 10 Black Orcs 5 Squig Hoppers 9 Unit of Squig Herders 3 Fanatics 1 Troll 1 Doom Diver 1 Night Goblin Big Boss (Standard Bearer) + Magic Standard of Discipline 1 Night Goblin Shaman Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you




  • Goffz
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Leadership is an issue with Gobbos, no doubt. Take a Goblin Warboss as your General (if you want to stick with a Goblin theme). This will give Leadership 8 to the unit the model is with (stick him in the large mob of 60 Night Goblins) and all other units within 12 inches of the General. A Battle Standard is almost a must for Goblins, even in smaller games. I'd take a second Goblin Warboss and make this model your Battle Standard Bearer (AKA: BSB). A rerollable 8 Leadership bubble will work roughly 80/85% of the time. Stick the BSB in the 60 strong Night Goblin unit as well. Scatter a couple of Goblin Big Bosses into some of the units that are further away from your General and BSB. Leadership 7 beats Leadership 5 on the Night Goblins.

Good start on the army. I prefer Black Orcs myself (run a mob of 41 with two mounted characters). Tough nut unit. Vulnerable to Purple Sun ....... But what isn't?

Snotling Pump wagons are good fast flanking units that you might want to look into. Maybe even a Gaint might help (Leadership 10 anyone?).

Ogres are a tough matchup for Goblins. Bring loads of fanatics and go Magic heavy. In a 1,000 point game I'd bring a Level two Orc Shaman and use the Foot of Gork if you get lucky enough to get the spell. In a 2,000 to 2,500 point game take a Level four Orc Shaman and a level two Goblin Shaman as back up. Don't forget a Dispell Scroll ad Channelling Staff (split between the two Shamans, of course). Do your best in dispelling the buffs your opponent will add to the Ogres. Regen or added toughness on an Ogre makes a hard task even harder.

You might want to check out Mister Malorian's You Tube site as well.