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yALB - Yet Another List Builder 0.7beta11

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Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

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Notice: I'm porting yALB to C++ now and it will be free and open source software (cross plattform also). You may follow or help with its development in this project page: http://code.google.com/p/yalb

Hi everybody!.

My name is Daniel Castro. I'm developing a free list editor called yALB. It was initially designed in Spanish, but most texts are translated to English and also many armies are added for the English version. Yet Another List Builder requires at least .Net Framework 3.5 installed in your PC (preinstalled in Windows 7).

As not all armies are added, it would be good to have some extra help adding armies. I can explain the whole how to do it, if you're interested :) . Added armies are below!

Main Features:

  • yALB can validate your army list based on Warhammer Book and Army Book, in real time (everytime you add, remove or change units in your list).
  • Intuitive interface. You can see both your list and Army's units easily and add anyone you want by simply double clicking or pressing a special button in the program (+)
  • Item and Unit options support. Of course, yALB validates their special rules (for example all the rules of Runes in Dwarfs)
  • Save/Open/Print or Export your army list to PDF or HTML.
  • Autoupdate
  • Chart based on your balance of units (by types)
  • Probability Calculator (by choza, from a Colombian forum). This tells what possibilities you have to hit or hurt an enemy unit, based on their atributes.
  • Victory Points Calculator, that tells you who is the winner based on killed units and other values like Standarts and killed enemy's leader. This calc needs to be updated, as it was designed to work with 7th edition. I think it will be fully compatible with 8th edition in next version.
  • Miniatures count.
  • Duplicate, Move Up or Move Down units.
  • Assigned picture for each unit.
  • You may set a background for the aplication and enable transparencies.
  • You can select multiple units and add them pressing the button "+" in the program
  • You can add or subtract miniatures to multiple units by pressing "+" or "-" buttons in yALB

Current armies:

  • Dwarfs (Spanish: 7th edition and 8th edition, English: 8th edition)
  • High Elves (English only: 8th edition)
  • Lizardmen (Spanish and 7th edition only)
  • Orcs & Goblins (7th edition spanish, 8th edition english)
  • Warriors of Chaos (English only: 8th edition, rulebook 7th edition and latest FAQ, by Jon Leigh)
  • Dark Elves (English only: 8th edition, rulebook 7th edition, by Christian Spring)
In progress
  • The Empire (by UNREALPwnage) - 8th english (rulebook 8th and armybook 7th)
  • Daemons of Chaos (by Nicholas Hasenbein)

Clarifications and/or explanations:

  • When you have units with champions or similar and you have 5 warriors and 1 champion, it should be interpreted as one of the five miniatures is a champion (so you only "pay" for 5 miniatures, not for 6).
  • You must consider the points value of each row, so if you have a unit with a points value of 300 and a champion with a points value of 15, the full unit costs 315, not 300
  • To add Items, select the unit, click on Items Button and double click the item you want to add


You can see some screenshots following this link. Please note these are taken from an old development version (and in Spanish), so the current version may vary (for example: the alignment is now fixed, there is a little space in printing, etc).

Additional information

As for now yALB only works in Windows and requires .Net Framework 3.5 installed. I'm working on the cross-platafform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) version, but it will take sometime.

Helping with yALB

As yALB lacks support for all armies, you can help me by adding new armies. If you want to help, I'll be glad to provide you all information needed. If you don't want to add armies, you can help by reporting bugs, so I can fix them in next beta/version. My mail is dancas2 AT gmail.com

Facebook Fan Page

You can follow the latest updates through the Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook....therlistbuilder

Latest Beta

yALB 0.7beta11

[Changelog 0.7beta11]

- (High Elves) Corrected items for Bladelord, Guardian, Keeper of the Flame and Drakemaster. Thanks Megaladon and Tiralya
- (High Elves) Corrected Initiative and Leadership for Harbinger. Thanks Nicholas Hasenbein!
- (High Elves) Corrected Armour Save for Eltharion (was 4+ but it is 3+ because he mounts a griffon). Thanks Nicholas Hasenbein!
- Fixed a bug that prevented old lists to be loaded (lists created with previous versions). Thanks Megaladon!
- Items, options and units can now have costs with decimals. Some calculations are a bit slower
- Some optimizations when reading a list
- Added a new setting to ensure the whole unit (with its options and items) is printed in the same page. This setting is disabled by default. Suggested by Nicholas Hasenbein!
- Now yALB splits correctly the army description when printing
- Fixed a bug that caused item description to not be used to determine if the row is within margin bounds (when printing)
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Item Form to be opened if the Unit had an item that can no longer carry
- Orcs And Goblins added by Nicholas Hasenbein!
- Fixed a bug when unchecking some specific options
- Now the minimum value for ASv is 1

Download link: http://www.mediafire...6zhsz4jb12aqtrw

Previous betas

yALB 0.7beta10

[Changelog 0.7beta10]

- (Dwarfs) Corrected wrong cost for prospector's Steam Drill (was 35 points but it costs 25). Thanks Ryric!
- (Dwarfs) Corrected misspelled word "strength" for description of "Rune of Cleaving". Thanks Ryric!
- (Dwarfs) Corrected misspelled word "psychology" for description of "Master Rune of Dismay". Thanks Ryric!
- Dark Elves added. This army may contain errors, so please report if you find any! Thanks Christian Spring.
- Some fixes in translations for Open File Dialog, Save File Dialog, Chart and Settings. Thanks Ryric and Wendersnaven.

Download link: http://www.mediafire...cpan1flg0fbw66w


Excuse my english, i speak Spanish.