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da bosses is here

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    Parasite Huntin' Squig

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Hello! I've been working on a big old mob of boys for ages, having repainted them over and over, before finally settling on a colour scheme, theme and fluff that has made me content enough to purity seal and photograph them.

These are the HQ choices for my army, a small warband of the Wounded Eye Clan. Both have their favoured pets/assistants, assassin grots wielding unstable plasma blades (counts as attack squigs!)

This fellow is Kaptin Azog Gorgunrukz, High War Plunderer of the Ultima Segmentum. He has a cybork arm, 'uge choppa, twin linked shoota, nice hat and attack grot. The arm was made using a mixture of Grimgor's choppy arm, copious amounts of green stuff (having a big trench coat to mould it into helped), bits of orky armour and some old dark panzee spiky bits glued on at random.

Posted Image
Posted Image

The Big Mek, Izzabork Kingbork Brunork, Big burny makey stuff bloke. He has a burna, awesome cigar, attack grot and kustom force field.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Critiques and comments would be most welcome. Cheers!
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    the ginger haired squig

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Some nice stuff you got there. Nice HQs. What else you got tucked away?




    Stikky Fingas

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Really nice work - I particularly like the kommando-mek conversion, I may just swipe that idea!
So - whenever dem doks finish staplin' yer arms back on Haky, why don't you an yer boyz come down fer a visit. We'll 'av a few squigaritas, throw a few grots around an' discuss who dis 'ere choppa really belongs to...

These Waaaghs are a cross between a mass migration, holy crusade, looting party and pub crawl, with a bit of genocide thrown in for good measure.

You know Nosher's MO, anything he paints blue is automatically his.

- Nosher



    squig attack arm

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I like the boss in general, but there's something wrong witth his coat. It look a bit heavy IMO. But in general he's cool. As for the mek... Using the Kommando Nob is a brilliant Idea. I don;t see me having more then one unit of Kommandos in the future and I will certainly use Snikrot with it. So I will be having spare nob, who looks a bit out of place in a regular mob of nobs or boys IMO. I think using him as a Mek i ingenious and I might consider looting this idea when I eventually buy my Kommandos.
Nobbog's Bad Moon Fury




    Flash Git

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Consider the Nob-Mek looted sir! Awesome converts, love them both ;)
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