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goblin spider-riders

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big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

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right, so my plan of action is to build up a largely cavalry-based army with a solid core of black-orcs flanked by fanatic-wielding night gobbo units to chew through whats left after i've harrassed him with my cavalry. so i've got myself 20 spider-riders, which i plan to field in 2 units of 10, and came to the conclusion that the musician isn't really worth the points, as he loses the 'swift reform' in effect as fast cavalry can reform as much as they like and still march, therefore better than swift reform. would you agree? also what's the best tactic with them? my current plan was to get them round the opponent using their speed and maneuverability then pepper him with arrows to annoy him, then if he doesn't bit get a rear-charge on one of his supporting units, such as flail-toting marauders, as 6 will be able to attack back, killing 3 or 4 out of 10, so hopefully winning combat on ranks and rear-charge alone, and letting my blorcs charge the front without risking the S5 flails. if they do work in drawing out an opponent, then i've disrupted his battle line, so all's good. as i typically face chaos warriors, if he has to turn anything around it'll be overkill for a unit of 10 spiders, and will break up his attack enough to give me the edge (hopefully!) plan on wolves up the other flank, one unit with the swift banner on a BSB perhaps, giving a juicy march of 20" and still turning and shooting at the end of it (i love fast cavalry rules!). so what do you think of my plan? i figure flanking the blorcs with night gobbos means any charge on the blorcs will be heralded by 4-6 fanatics slamming through his ranks, and leaving very little to fight me at all really. not too good for the blorcs point of view but bloomin' brilliant for the look on his face! soo... comments?


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Mik McMok the Mek

Mik McMok the Mek


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I love my spider riders and kit them out with bows also, but i am not sure how they are in the new Orc and Goblin codex as slack begger that i am i still havent got it yet. I did try last week and went up north to Enniskillen to get it at the games shop there but it wasnt there :-( Guess i will have to order online. I know in the old codex they were expensive enough but still i do prefer them to the wolf riders.

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