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What to thin GW paint with for airbrushing?

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    Burna Boy

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hi I have a silver jet compressor and a neo gun and I'm base coating, camoflauging vehicles. I'm new to air brushing and just looking to urban camo using ultramarine blue, enchanted blue, regal blue and fortress gray. The ultra blue seems to split easily, been using isopropol alcohol to thin it, it worked okay. What do you guys thin your paint with?
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    Grot Oiler

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I'm no pro, but I use water with a GW airbrush.

Da Blue Faced Monsta

Da Blue Faced Monsta

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  • Grotz
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If your going to use the alcohol, I would mix it 1 part alcohol to 5-10 parts water. Every time I have have used straight alcohol, my paints have separated completely, no matter how much stirring I have do. I use straight distilled water, and rarely use the alcohol/distilled water mix, but when I do, I use a 1/10 ratio for mine. All the alcohol does is break water tension slightly and allow the liquid to dry faster than straight water. For reference, I use a Paasche Talon with a one of their compressors as well.



    Blue Thunda Ace

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I've made excellent use of Tamiya's X-20A thinner, which is Alchohol-based, but higher concentration than straight 70% Isopropyl (over the counter rubbing alcohol). I can't tell you the proportions, but I simply use a brush to scoop paint into a mixing jar, and then add eyedroppers of X-20A until it's about the consistency of skim milk. I've never had paint separation issues at all using the X-20A. Sprays very well that way. This is with my Grex Genesis XG and compressor... The GW paints thin very well for airbrushing. On the other hand DON'T use X-20A or any other alcohol-based thinner for Vallejo paints. Turns it to goop. For larger projects with the GW spray gun with my compressor, I use 70% rubbing alcohol with the foundation paints rather than tap water as the manual suggests. Covers well. I used that mix to paint (and later flock) my Realm of Battle Board in less than a week. For non-GW paints, I do recommend the Tamiya line, as they are designed for airbrushing as well.
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    'Ard Boy

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What should you use for vallejo game color?

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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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What should you use for vallejo game color?

Probably not the cheapest option but this seems to work
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