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It's not orky, but...

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Big Mek Gassgutz

Big Mek Gassgutz

    Parasite Huntin' Squig

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  • Army Name:Gassgutz's Wreckin' Krew
The local (Los Angeles) battle bunker has been holding a little promotion wherein you pay a five bucks and they give you a shield template. Paint it up and they'll hang it on the wall with a nameplate, get "achievements" (such as winning competitions, painting contests, etc) and they'll post purity seals up on the shield that describe said achievements. "Why not," thought I, "five bucks is a pittance and it's a nice little project. So I paid up and decided that my boyz, being sneaky deffskull gitz, knew that the local humies wouldn't be satisfied unless the shield was dead shiny, and not all naff like a proppa ork shield would be. Hearing that the new tin 'eadz were emerging with their killy zappy bitz, they tore the siding off one of those "Mono-liff" things and slapped it onto the shield template:

Posted Image

Looted tin 'ead shield ahoy! "Dem tin 'ead boyz is strange," commented Big Mek Gassgutz, "Dey putz da 'lektrikal bitz on da inside. How dey expect ta fix it when it gets all shot up?" :?
Da Wreckin' Krew vs:

Beakies: 8/1
Inkwizishun: 3/0/1
Humies: 2/1/1
Spiky Boyz: 1/0
Tin 'Eadz: 2/0
Uvva Boyz: 1/0
Fish 'Eadz: 1/0