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Ork rokkit boy close combat question

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    Puffball Fungus

  • Grotz
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Hey can someone clue me in on how a rokkit armed boy works in close combat? If he shoots his rokkit, can he assault? If so, then what weapon does he assault with exactly? Does the boy swing his RPG launcher like a club? If so, is it "two handed", or are sidearms presumed available for close combat assaults? --and does the rokkit boy get one, or two base attacks in the pile? Thanks




  • Grotz
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  • Army Name:Skullkickers
This is a 40k question, right? Unless there's a really fancy fantasy orc that I haven't heard of yet. If it is 40k, you posted in the wrong place. Yes, rokkit launcha-armed boys can assault after shooting because a rokkit launcha is an assault weapon. I guess he swings his launcher like a club/stabs with any knife he's got. There are no special rules for a rokkit launcha in close combat. A rokkit launcha armed boy is still an ork boy. Ork boyz all have 2 base attacks. A rokkit launcha armed boy has 2 CC attacks.