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Compare: O&G, Lizardmen, Chaos Beastmen

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Thoughts on how these armies compare, and respective strengths and weaknesses? Noob here, so the forest rather than the trees will be most helpful. TIA, KONK



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Orcs and Goblins and Beastmen are somewhat similar. Just a look at the stat-line and equipment of an Orc and a Beastman Gor show some strong similarities. Orcs and Gobbos have a lot more options and cool toys. For example, for cheap crappy troops, Beastmen have Ungors, who have a few weapon options. Gobbos on the other hand, come in two varieties, and each variety has some interesting options like Fanatics. One thing that does set O&G apart from everyone else is a rather high level of randomness and unreliability; units may sit and squabble when you want them to march... O&G just have so many more choices and cool models that to me, the O&G outshine the Beastmen heavily. Lizardmen are another cool army. They're actually a reasonably flexible list with the potential for a lot of variety, but many players seems to fall into a very cookie cutter optimized list that can be rather bland. If you buy a Slann Mage Priest, buff him up to be hugely expensive, and then put him in a large expensive unit of Temple Guard, it eats so much of your points all your games are just about that one unit. But Slann's aren't mandatory, and can be relatively inexpensive if you don't pile on the upgrades. I'd recommend picking whichever army models and overall feel you like more. If you like Dinosaurs and/or Aztec imagery, Lizarmen are a good choice. If you like hulking Orcs, weedy gobbos, giant spiders, etc, O&G are a good choice.
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The greenskins have a -lot- of neat toys, but I disagree that they "out-shine" the Beastmen .

Excluding the dung pile, known as the Lore of the Wild, the Beastmen have access to the best lores (IMO) in the game. These are Beasts, Death, and Shadow. Beastmen shaman also have access to a number of items, to rake in those casting dice .

A kitted-out beastlord, among a herd of 40-50+ bestigor, is more than a match even for ogres .

With the right gear, a doombull can be let to its own devices, tearing down one flank and back up the other .

Gors can be compared to normal orc boyz, but throw in the Beast Banner (BSB), and their primal fury rule becomes quite deadly .

Ungor raiders, chaos warhounds, and harpies are great throw-away units . They're used best to screen the main army, hunt war machines, make dummy-drops on deployment, and just be annoying .

Razorgors can be used as above, and are tough enough to adsorb all sorts of missile troop fire, before crashing into a flank .

The rest of the book, is just crap . The minotaurs are too fragile for a MI unit, centigors are useless for their points, and the monsters will go down to missile/WM fire before they do anything useful . Ghorgons and giants, have their place on the flanks, but don't expect them to be game-breaking .

I never created a Lizardmen force, so I can't comment on them .