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GorkaMorka Advanced

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Hey everybody. Just thought somebody may be interested in the new story I have written about my Ork character Steltha. So, I provided a database for information on the Advanced world of GorkaMorka. So Ere' We Go! Over the many months I have spent constructing this, I have much compared it to Renaissance Italy in many ways. You see, Da Skidd, long after the destruction of the famed Machine by the war between Gork followers and Mork followers, has now further disolved in structural stability. Junk City-States, either controlled by a mob or a cruel Boss, war with each other. Internal groups within said cities battle as well. GorkaMorka advanced focuses on the hundreds of mob, gang, civil and city wars going on in Da Skidd. My main story, entitled GorkaMorka The Novel, concentrates on a Kommando nob named Steltha, who once led a mob of ten other nobs named, the Gargant Crushas. The Gargants became infamous, pillaging, killing and looting, and finally, after years of fighting... they retired. Splitting away from each other, and leaving Steltha in the dust. That was where he found Bixzzap; his personal Mek boy. Together, Steltha and Bixzzap must reassemble the Gargants in order ti combat the Nova Lootaz, a ruthless arch-enemy of the Gargants. Eventually, we can only hope Steltha succeeds. In the meantime, the Junk Cities of Mektown, and GraggsCity have been battling for supremacy, leaving the towns vulnerable to internal strife by the criminal Novas, who have now been spreading influence in both cities in an effort to take them. Here is a scene from my upcoming story, GorkaMorka The Novel- Now though, the larger, dominant Ork kept his calmness, watching as two boys fought on the side of the street, blood stained the ground around them, and several teeth lie strewn. Teeth… Money… Loot. He barked, and the dual brawlers stopped cold. Their fists raised mid-position, and their red eyes boring into his pug face with anger. “Oi! Who told ya ta stop oua fight then?” One cried, baring a not so impressive, diminished array of dagger teeth that still resided in his mouth. Not for long. The larger, whom had stepped over to claim the cash lying about the dust, took the time to step closer to the unflinching boys. Obviously they didn’t know his title. “Aye, wha’d you say?” “You ain’t no stinken boss!” The same boy repeated the “Point” he was trying to make. “Do ya know who ya talkin to, lad?” The arranged sets of gear covering his body clicked and clanged from his lean forwards, his green, bulbous and grimy hands formed into tight fists. “I’m talkin to a eatin Squig!” This Ork was obviously a fool, and not right in the head. The hulk smiled, revealing his, toothy grin, and muck-filled gums. “More like a face eatin Squig…” And with that, the same balled fist came flying, crashing into the smaller one’s nose, and causing a residual extra spatter of blood, and yet another yelp of pain. And yet, even at this display that would have caused another to run, the second Ork went to draw a junk knife, and he didn’t even manage it before a bullet pierced his forehead, squelching brain fluids about his face in a horrid report from the fired weapon. He fell, directly adjacent to his bewildered comrade, whom, was still wiping blood from his eyes. The other laughed, it was cocky, a low chuckle if you must. He now wielded a Custom Shoota, it being scorched and smoking from its previous shot. “Her name’s Dakka Gora…” He said, now turning Dakka Gora’s barrel in the felled's face. “And mine’s Steltha… Ya gitz.” And with that, another report from the Shoota, and the fallen Ork’s head erupted in a spew of cracked skull fragments and spinal liquids. More bodies for the local cleaning crews whom Steltha constantly troubled with messes to clean. Dakka Gora was quickly holstered to her pouch on his hip, and yet, as he reached down to grab the scattered teeth, that fight… it had been; uneventful.

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