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Orcs wif basic gear

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Warboss Gorhack

Warboss Gorhack

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Seems to me that the best bet for Orcs (as opposed to Goblins) is to take big basic units with basic gear. Our strength seems to be in our statlines (except initiative), and the best way around that seems to be more boyz, not more toys. I'm not sure if, given the cost of most Shiny Stuff, magic items are generally worth the number of Boyz we give up to get it. For example, I'd gladly take a full command plus an orc/black orc boss... have the Champion decline a challenge and hide in the back, or accept it and die valiantly, and then have da boyz hack and slash away. If the unit is big enough it should be able to do plenty of damage even after absorbing the higher initiative enemy attacks. I'd be willing to take magic items that enhance survivability for the general, possibly a magic banner, and probably something to augment dispells for the shamans, but that's about it. I'm talking general principles here, not debating the use of a particular item. If you want to dive down that rabbit hole it's fine, but I'm focusing on cutting back on magic items that generally seem to be worth far less than their cost compared to more boyz. Am I missing the boat here? Warboss Gorhack

big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

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that's pretty much what i've found (using skaven at least, recent orc convert) - havint a big unit and accepting the mighty chaos-warlord on monstrous mount with amazing +95 S and A weapon with a basic unit champion works wonders - sure, you'll get an overkill against you, but as the stats were the same, that'd be 5 more models that died rather than one 6 times. then the masses of dudes can make a load of attacks and, with a bit of luck, overwhelm the foe. the other brilliant thing it the lucky wounds you can get - i once accepted the afore-mentioned chaos warlord on monster-horses challeng with, i s*** you not, a gnoblar groinbiter, and, furthermore, he botched all his 7 S 7 WS9 or so attacks, and his horses, and i managed to knock a wound off him! 'course, the 5 chaos knights charging my gnoblars were far more successful, so i still lost the unit, but it was worth less points than 1 wound off his chaos warlord!


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