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who to make big?

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big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

    Dreadnought Pilot

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right, so after about a year of having the unmade kits i'm finally getting into fantasy with orcs 'n' gobbos.

figured i'd ask the people who've been doing it for a while - what unit lends itself best to being a big 'uns unit in the army? i had considered either a sizable force of savage orcs (40 or so) to make use of 2 CCW and their frenzy to unload a painful volume of S5 attacks in the first round, or perhaps a unit of savage-orc boarboyz with spears or 2CCW, for S6 or S5 attacks in the first round.

i'm inclined to think that a larger mob of them's better to take advantage of there only being 1 allowed in the army, but as i'm planning on a cavalry-heavy list (what can i say - i'm a speed-freek at heart) there'll probabl;y be 2 fair-sized units of boarboyz in the army anyway (15 or more per squad), one of which'll hopefully be savages.

the idea of 15 or so savage orc boarboyz with the magic banner that gives them armour-piercing slamming into something and dealing out S6 attacks in the first round does appeal to me, and i never think the opponent'll see it coming* (or hitting that hard when it does).

so what do you lot reackon to it? who's gettin' 'ardened?

cheers! :cheers

*the fact that savage orcs will probably be smelt coming is neither here nor there.


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Warboss Gorhack

Warboss Gorhack

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Yep, Savage Orcs of any stripe are good candidates. Boarboyz too. Between spears, frenzy and the Choppa rule Savage Boarboyz will mince most opponents. The upside is you'll dish out an extra attack due to frenzy; the downside is they're poorly armored compared to other cavalry. On the other hand, don't expect your opponent to be surprise when your Savage Boarboyz tear into them. Charging is what they do, just like any other heavy cavalry. I'd keep Boarboyz away from Bretonnian knights. With their longer charge range the foo-foo lads may well get the charge off first... at which point all his advantages kick in and your advantages evaporate. If you can time it so you get off the charge, though, great! The Brets'll lose their lance (formation) and the lance (weapon) bonuses. At that point they're just heavily armored S3 guys you can strike with impunity. Sheer volume of frenzied attacks will chew em up. I'd keep single Boarboyz mobs away from frontal charges against Horde units too. Typically Hordes are so big that they're Stubborn. They dish out enough attacks to hurt you, even on the charge. They absorb your initial charge, then slowly grind you into pig dung in a war of attrition Boarboyz can't afford. You really need support when going head-to-head against a Horde. You at least want one other hard-hitting unit slamming into a Horde if you're coming from the front, or (preferably) a unit large enough to take away their rank bonus hitting them in the flank. Big units of spears, especially High Elves, and frenzied opponents can also be painful - even if they're not Horded. They have enough attacks that go before us Orcs that they can overcome their puny Strength 3. Almost any other infantry unit, including (in my opinion) Chaos Warriors is fair game for the setup you propose. Savage Boarboyz can be a fast linebreaker unit, but you have to choose your target with care. My two cents, Warboss Gorhack



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I had great luck running savage orc on boar big uns. I included a savage shaman with the magic item that gives +1 to the ward save, so they were amazing! This was a little while ago, so I don't remember specifics, but they did surprisingly well. Opponents were really confused at that much damage coming from a bunch of nekked boys on boars. :thumbs

Kaptun Krum

Kaptun Krum

    Arbork Kaptun

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I was not impressed with my savage orc boar boy big unz for a couple reasons. At first, I was tempted by the magic banner option and having S 7 guys on the charge. i was using them as monster killers. What I found though is that you can't throw them on the flank and have to keep them near your general or else you just lose all control of them (because anything in 18" you have to restrain to charge). Having already alot of stuff in the army that I needed to keep together, it just wasn't viable for me to keep them so I upraded a block of savage orc foot sloggers to big unz instead.
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