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Klaus' Khem Kloaks

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Dribble Joy

Dribble Joy


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A little later than expected, but got it up now.

Anyway, our LGS started a Necromunda campaign and I went with a rather 'boring' Van Saar gang. Plasma gun leader and heavy, heavy stubber and six lasgunners.

The models I had for my old gang were completely misequipped, they were badly painted and I didn't have the parts I needed to re-convert them anyway.

Digging about in my boxes I found some Steel Legion models. Cloaks big enough to hide things under, lots of lasguns and other bits.
Immediately the concept of a gang that spent most of it's time in an area of the hive where acid/toxic waste from factories above fell frequently. Hence the name and their outfits.

Anyway, here they are....

Posted Image

Kluas the leader in a little more detail since I spent a little more time on him.

Posted Image

The models aren't that representative now. Most of them are packing plasmaguns now (I know, dirty cheesy Van Saars), Hans the heavy now has a OiaM heavy bolter, Heidi has carapace armour and a forcefield and everyone is bristling with extra gear like photo contacts (for those fun Pitch Black scenarios).