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Bloody Moon Tribe

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Big Mek Orktapus

Big Mek Orktapus

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Hey guys, I am in the midst of building up a Orc and Goblin waaagh at the moment. So far I have 80 Night Goblins with spears/shields and 40 with bows. This includes 6 commands to split them up into sets of 20. I have 3 Fanatics, 3 Shamans, and 2 bosses. I also have 2 of the normal trolls. also 20 spider riders. (basically just picture 2 of the 7th edition boxed sets and you get the picture) I also have a Savage Orc Shaman on a boar. (Old Wurrzag model I think) My question here is since I have not played fantasy at all since 4th edition and never with O+G. What is a good way to expand this army for the near future. I am not concerned with competitive play and will be including Orcs as well, not just Night goblins. Should I start by getting some harder hitting units like Black Orcs or maybe stick with Night Goblins for now and get a squig herd or something... Almost forgot, I also have a box of 20 night Goblins that I haven't yet decided how to assemble. I figured as many netters as there are, and the rest as spears to supplement my numbers for the other units. Thoughts? Inspirations? Ideas? inspirationaly thoughtful ideas?
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Da scrapas




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Pick a theme and stick with it. My night goblins are da blood moon tribe.lol
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