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all cavalry in 8th, is it viable?

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Grishnak 'Eadsnippa

Grishnak 'Eadsnippa

    Rutted Gob Busta

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Savage warboss, boar, sh, sword of bloodshed, potion of strength, dragonhelm. Savage great shammie, lvl4, boar, lucky shrunken head, potion of speed, dragonbane gem, sword of +2attacks. Savage BSB, boar, extra choppa, Gorks war banner Savage shammie, lvl2, boar, channelling staff. 2x 10 spiders, sp, sh, full com 10 wolves, sp, sh, l/a, short bows, full com 2x 5 wolves, l/a, sp, short bows, musician 13 savage boars, big uns, full com, sp, sh Banner of swiftness. 5 savage boars, xtra choppaz, boss. Arachnarok w/ flinger Total 2396 2400 seems to be what we play at my local GW. Let me know what you think pls.