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DOW 2- Retribution

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  • Boyz
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So I've played about 4 hours of this so far and I LOVE IT. It's almost like you can choose to go with a squad from the original DOW2 or you can choose a multiplayer version (for the campaign). Of course I picked Orks as my starting race. Don't really like the Freebooters but what can ya do.( Zogging gits. We'z know dat Goffs is proper.) Thoughts?



    Speckled Bloodshade Fungus

  • Grotz
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I'm a bit of a late-comer but I really like Retribution so far. I just like being able to do the regular campaign (like beakie in the original DOW2) as Orks. I've only done three missions but one thing I don't like is the "samey" feel of the missions; for example one I did has you going up this big hill, fighting Chaos boyz and Imperials, and at each turn you destroy a hub to ruin the turrets and then a Baneblade pops out. Hopefully the repetition ends (it feels like they just plain ran out of mission ideas). Other than that it's cool so far.



    'Ard Boy

  • Freebooterz
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I dont like how the "heroes" arent attached to units anymore. Now theres too many squads for proper management.

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  • Grotz
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I personally think that retribution fixed everything. For me everything was top-notch. The gameplay, the way building up your army works, and greatest of all, the fact that you can play as Orks! I ended up beating the Ork campaign and have not played much afterwards due to lack of Orkyness. Last stand is fun, but I build up a level 15 Mek and lost it...
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