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Nothin' But Sand...

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Gu'd Day Yoof,

I see yooz 'ere ta lurn abowt wat Gorkamorka iz. Well lemme tell ya...

Gorkamorka is a skirmish game that was released in 1997 as part of Games Workshop's Specialist Games range, although it was not hugely successful and fell out of favour. A number of Ork players have kept the game alive over the decade or so since its release, and in 2007, to coincide with the release of the new Ork Codex for Warhammer 40,000, the main Gorkamorka rules were made available on the Games Workshop website.

It survived long enough for the release of an expansion, Digganob in 1998, which featured rules for 3 new factions: Diggas, Rebel Grots and Muties. It also featured a number of Special Characters, who were used as mercenaries. As of yet, Digganob is not available on the Games Workshop website, but can be found on the internet.

Gorkamorka featured the Orks battling each other in the desert wastes of a distant planet, that the Orks dubbed Gorkamorka. Its actual name was Angelis, and it was being surveyed by the Imperial vessel Eternal Vigilance. There was an investigation party from the ship on the planet's surface, excavating an area around some strange Pyramids, an undoubted sign of the Tin'eads on the planet.

An Ork Space Hulk crashed into the planet, taking the Eternal Vigilance with it, and causing a great gash in the planet's surface, now called Da Skid. The planet was irradiated by the fallout of the two ships, which spawned the zealously angry Muties.

The Orks at first decided to gather the scrap and build a massive construct in the middle of Mektown. Opinion was divided over what it was for, although as an effigy, there was no more fiercer debate than whether or not it represented Gork or Mork. A massive civil war erupted, between the Morkers and the Gorkers. Eventually it grew to such proportions, that a sabotage attempt on one of the camp's workloads caused a massive explosion. In desperation, the Mekboys of Mektown decided on a compromise, deeming it Gorkamorka.

The factions weren't totally satisfied by this, but it placated them. The current ideology of the Orks today is that the Waaagh! should begin anew, so work is devoted to the collecting of all scrap from the desert planet to rebuild their ship, and take to the skies on a glorious new Waaagh.

This has become the current setting for the game. Each battle denotes the fighting between factions (the Gorkers and Morkers are still at it) over scrap, in order to earn their "Tags" which gets them a place on-board the Waaagh when it resumes.

The Muties want to enact revenge on the Orks for their present condition, so they raid the Orks to steal the scrap to prevent them from taking it back to Mektown, and thus escape their wrath.

The newly excavated Diggas (who have some strange and ominous protection from some strange creatures in the dark depths of the Pyramids) very much want to emulate the Orks, so are gathering scrap to earn their place on the next Waaagh.

The Rebel Grots emerged from a Grot Rebellion over the fact that the Grots could never earn Tags, although it has descended into an even larger coup to be free of the Orks completely.

The game itself is based on the 2nd Edition 40k ruleset (which was the ruleset out at the time), although it owes its existence to the ethos and style of the Rogue Trader game Confrontation (the origin of Necromunda). It may be a little complicated for new generations of gamers used to more "simplified" rules of later 40k editions.

The Rules are in-depth, and use an innovative system of campaign rules to allow your mob members to advance, gain new skills, and new enhancements, but also injuries from battle. The system itself has its roots mostly in vehicular combat, but it isn't completely so. It's just the fastest way to get around.

Gorkamorka players also usually have their own forts (as each Ork Faction at least, should have one). Mobs fight generally for scrap (but there are also other scenarios), and the game is widely acclaimed for its amusing, roller-coaster ride of victory, defeat, and quite unbelievably awesome and funny in-game shenanigans.

For more details, there is plenty of information in this forum section, and on other internet sources. This is merely an introduction, to give you some information, and useful links for what is out there. There will also be some rules, possibly also articles in this pinned section, to add to your collection, and to help you enjoy the game as we do.

Da Roolz
The majority of the rules are available on the Games Workshop website. Here are the links:

Da Roolz
Da Uvver Book

Da Stuff
This is a selection of resources hosted in this thread for everyone's use. Mostly, it will be rules of some description (I have some mob rules that I will post here when they are finished) and other such things. If you have rules you would like me to add to this list, please PM me, and we'll sort something out (you can also email me, my address is in my forum signature). You can also check this part out for any forum news relating to GoMo.

Da Uvva Stuff
This is a selection of various links to useful Gorkamorka websites and articles. It is separated into three sections: Da Know Wats, for rules and articles on the game itself; Da Mekshop, for links to useful miniature providers; and Da Job Pole, for social places to discuss Gorkamorka, or find other players.

Da Know Watz
If you find other sources of useful additional rules and articles, do let me know and I'll include them.

The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site
Or tUGS for short, the guys at tUGS have been very busy producing a wonderful array of additional rules, articles, guides and resources for use in your Gorkamorka games. They have a vast selection of material that is of immense use. This link takes you directly to their downloads section, but take a look around, there is a lot more to see!

Gorkamorka Mektown
I've not really looked over this site much, but it does seem to have a few things going on, and quite a lot of information. So it's worth a look.

Da Mekshop
If you find other sources of useful miniatures and accessories, do let me know and I'll include them.

Games Workshop
Well yeah, there's those too, if you're desperate! ;)

Kromlech is a site of wondrous bits, and a lot of it has a large element of orkiness about it. Some of it skates a little close to the grain, but it is very useful for the GoMo enthusiast. In particular, there's a rather nice set of tracks, and another singular wheel, that amazingly fits onto an Ork torso. Nice coincidence, eh?

Maxmini is much the same as Kromlech, and it also sells some of Kromlech's stuff. It also has some useful miniatures of its own, such as the spiked warboar, useful for a Snorta mob.

Ramshackle Games
We all know Ramshackle by now, or should. Curtis, its founder, is one of our members, and he is producing some wonderful low-cost resin vehicles, ideal for Gorkamorka, and pretty much anything else. They are exceedingly good value, and wonderfully good looking. As a proud customer of Ramshackle myself, I recommend a visit.

Da Job Pole
If you find other sources of useful social Gorkamorka stuff, do let me know and I'll include them.

Specialist Games Forum
Now relocated, and slowly dying, it does have a section on Gorkamorka (right at the bottom). Not much else, but the members (myself included) pray one day to see it back to its former glory.

Gorkamorka Facebook Page
Yes, Gorkamorka has a facebook page. Who'd have known?

Gorkamorka Yahoo Group
Not the most active in the world, but the Gorka Yahoo Group has been going for a long time. I've been a member for years, so it is another place to socialise, although don't expect too much activity.

Da Uvva Uvva Stuff
This is a section for miscellaneous stuff that can be of use to Gorkamorka, but is somewhat optional.

Brewhouse Bash
Another useful resource from GW's Out of Print Games section, Brewhouse Bash can add a bit of colour to your GoMo campaign. You needn't use the rules, but the board itself is very useful, especially as there are bar brawls in the rules already.

PLEASE DON'T REPLY TO THIS THREAD. Any replies will be deleted by the nobs. If you want additions or changes, contact me via PM or Email. At the moment you can also discuss the Pinned Thread here.