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Ork Revision FAQ Draft

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Greetings fellow BFG Ork-ists. Apparently Nate (flybywire on the SG forums) has released the initial draft for the Ork FAQ that revises the fleet. There's some discussion in the SG forum thread concering these changes, but I thought it'd be good to bring it up here. Especially since it was a very quiet release, and I only myself found out about it from a particularly despicable forum full of scum and villainy (and Angry Beakies...).

In any case, Here's the link to the thread on the SG forums. On page 12 of the thread, 1/3rd of the way down, you'll find Nate's "Merry Christmas" posting that has the link to where the draft FAQ PDF file can be found.

Give it a look, and give some feedback. I'm a bit undecided (and a little underwhelmed) myself. But it is interesting to note that Nate is apparently following the ideas that Andy C was going for, shortly before his departure from GW. And that of course means that if this draft goes live, BFG will be supporting the Ork Clans more than 40k itself. :lol
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Oh my Mork, this is awesome! I had never seen this before, thank you! I'm a massive Ork BFG fanatic, I have 5,000 points of the buggers sitting in my basement right now. Can't wait to read through all this! Thanks mate!
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