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where da rules?

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hey, boyz some friends an i are looking to get into BFG at our local store, me having played 3-4 games a year or so ago (using someone else's models) and one other guy playing LONG ago. we all seem pumped, so i want home to write up a list with the PDFs on GW's website, but i'm unable to find the rules for roks and hulks, my favorite parts of the army by far. i mean, sure i can make a regular fleet, but why would i when i can bring a planet? so i turn to you guys, do you know where i could find the rules for these ships? thanks in advance!
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You're looking for the BFG Xenos Fleets file ("m1280010_BFG_Xenos_Fleets" to be exact), which is in with the other BFG rules on the GW website. It starts off with the panzees, but the Ork stuff is in there too. Hulk is on p. 60+ and the Roks on p. 63+.
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