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Orks as Goliaths

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    Rutted Gob Busta

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I've started playing Necromunda. I had some orks form gorkamorka, but no trukks nor buggyz yet. So I've decided to play my orks as Goliath gang. I've used my Weapon Converter: Shoota > Autogun Slugga > Autopistol Six Shoota > Stubgun Choppa > Club or Maul or Sword Granades > Krak or Frag nades There is one special weapon: one spanner has flammer looking backpack. I've used him as a Heavy with Flammer. I'm thinking about giving my boyz some real 'eavy weaponz (like H.Stubber or Rokkit Launcha by konverting autogunz or pistolz, but dont have suitable Orkz yet).

Harkon Greywolf

Harkon Greywolf

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Use a Big Shooter Ork as a Heavy Stubber! Much the same type of gun. And there's no reason why an Ork couldn't "loot" a Lasgun or two! :D Just "ork" them up a bit and presto, 2+ ammo rolls! :D HG



    Tankbusta Boy

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I think that shootas, sluggas and big shootas would be more accurately represented by bolters, bolt pistols and heavy bolters... mainly because of that orky ammo roll.
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I was thinking of doing omehting like this if I were to start necromunda. Heres my conversion table thingy: Shoota - autogun or maybe boltgun? Slugga with ammo clip - autopistol Slugga with no ammo clip or any revolver style gun - stubgun axe choppa - club sword choppa - sword Chainsword choppa - chainsword Burna - flamer Big shoota - heavy stubber For weapons with no ork counterpart, I'll just give the ork the actual weapon :P And model wise: Leader - nob sized model Ganger - ork boy Heavy - ork boy with the special or heavy weapon, maybe loota models. juve - grotz maybe? Hope this helps! :biggrin

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